Bike Service, Repair, Builds, Wheel Builds


We service modern road, cross, mountain, tandem, fat, single speed/fixed gear, and commuter bikes. We do not work on children's bikes, recumbent, or vintage bikes. We will refer you to the proper shops if you would like a recommendation.

We offer many services; here are some of our most popular.

Professional Overhaul - $250

Your bike will feel like new with more than 3-hours of skilled maintenance and attention to every detail.

Performance Package - $150

This is a professional tune-up. Your bike deserves thorough, periodic tune-ups by a professional mechanic. Your bike will perform better, it will ride more quietly, and future problems can be stopped before they begin.

Clean & Detail - $35

We'll perform a 7-point safety inspection, clean and detail your bike. This is a particularly handy service for winter riders!

Ride HQ Popular Ala Carte Services

All service prices are for labor work; no prices include parts or materials.

Bike Build - $280-$413

We professionally assemble all frame brands and kit types. Price varies depending on the complexity of the build.

Wheel Build - per wheel $60

Professionally hand-built wheels

Install Tubular Tire - per wheel $65

World class skill in the ancient art of tubular installation. One of the most difficult bicycle mechanic skills to learn. Done perfectly, the result is rolling nirvana. Tubular tire prices range from $60-$160.

Box Your Bike - $90

Includes labor and box, does not cover shipping charges. RSC can take care of shipping and return service, too, if you'd like.

Un-Box Your Bike - $90

We'll make your bike ready to go; the price includes all tuning the bike requires.

Replace a Tube - per wheel $12

Tube replacement. Tube prices range from $7-10.

Replace a Clincher Tire - per tire $12

Includes installation and labor. Tire prices range from $25-85.

Replace Cable & Housing - $18

For either one brake or one derailleur; includes tuning the derailleur or brake. Parts range from $15-30.

Replace Chain & Cassette - $25

Includes installation and tuning both derailleurs. Average parts prices range from $55-115.

Tape Handlebars - $25

Includes labor to tape handlebars. Handlebar tape varies in price from $20-45 for most popular tape. 

Other Service Work - $80/hr.

Our other service work is billed by the minute. Our mechanics are the best in the business, they have deep experience, they are efficient, and very nice.