Boston Bike Builder Bash

A Once In A Lifetime Event:  Boston's Best Builders All Together

Join us for a celebration and appreciation of the local bike building scene, what HQ is calling the Boston Bike Builder Bash -- the B4.  Calling these builders "local" is a slight because they are each internationally known and have a global following.  In fact, Boston has the most vibrant bike artisan landscape in America -- maybe the world.  Come check out why that's so.  This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the country's best builders all in one place!

When: Saturday, June 3, 7:00 pm doors open

Where: Ride Headquarters, 11 South Main St, Sherborn, MA 01770

RSVP now. Space is limited.

The Bike Builders

We're very lucky to host these builders from the Boston area:

  • Beardman Bicycles: is a family owned metal fabrication shop specializing in handcrafted bicycle frames, forks and racks.
  • Firefly Bicycles:  Three gentlemen that chose a unique path to building some of the best custom bikes ever.
  • Geekhouse Bikes:  The builder that every other builder wants to be.
  • Honey Bikes:  Handbuilt steel and titanium specialty bikes for utility and function.
  • Royal H Cycles:  "H" is Bryan Hollingsworth, a builder that puts everything into each unique bike that bears his crest.
  • Seven Cycles:  Sometimes referred to as the builder's builder, Seven has spawned more creative frame builders than any other company -- while making more custom bikes than any other builder.
  • Zanconato:  A versatile builder that works with lugged steel, tig welded steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Cycling-Centric Art Exhibitors

  • Skunkadelia:  Amazing robot sculpture crafted with discarded bike and machine parts.
  • Alex Carlson:  Vibrant work made in pen and ink, acrylic and prints. Her themes include bicycle themed and beyond.
  • Lizzy Dargie:  A printmaker and fiber artist, she will be displaying beautiful bicycle themed prints at the Bash.

Evening Schedule

  • 4:15 pm: Road ride with us! Details on the Ride Page.
  • 4:30 pm: Mixed Terrain ride with us! Details on the Ride Page.
  • 7:00 pm:  Doors open and dinner is ready.  Vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options available.
  • 8:30 pm:  Dessert from Union Square Donuts
  • Vegan and omnivore noms.
  • 9:30 pm:  Raffle
  • 10:00 pm:  We’re turning in so we can ride some beautiful bikes in the morning

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Why Is Boston Home of the Best Bike Builders?

Boston has been on the leading edge of bike building since the safety bicycle was invented.  Pope Manufacturing was based in Boston -- without a doubt one of the most influential bike companies in the 1880's.  Charles Metz in Waltham was also an innovator and shaper of the future industry.  The influential Overman Wheel Company was in Chicopee, MA.  Even the predecessor to Columbia, H. A. Lozier, was building bikes in Westfield, MA.  There were many smaller manufacturers throughout this period, too.  The important book Boston's Cycling Craze, 1880-1900:  A Story of Race, Sport, and Society tells some of this history, and a lot more.

Boston had a renaissance in the early 1970s.  Because of this burgeoning of builders, we believe the Boston area is home of the most innovative custom bikes in the country; even more important and vibrant than the Portland, Oregon scene.

We trace the renaissance of the early seventies to two events.  First was Whitcomb Cycles USA; they brought us Chris Chance, Peter Weigle, and Richard Sachs.  The other event was a influential course at MIT which brought us Klein, Calfee, and some of the talent behind Fat City and Merlin Metalworks.

Fat City begat a some formative builders including Merlin Metalworks and Independent Fabrications.  Merlin begat a multitude of builders including Seven Cycles.  Seven Cycles begat about a dozen bike companies to date.  The wheel continues to turn.

Most of the builders at the Bash trace their lineage back to Fat City or Merlin Metalworks.  You'll have a very rare chance to hear their stories when you see them at The B4 event.

We hope this peaks your interest to learn more about the local bike scene.  We hope you'll come to the event and meet and talk with the builders directly.

Raffle?  Raffle.  Raffle!

Wait there’s more!  Each B4 guest will receive a raffle ticket upon entrance at no charge. You could win a made-in New York, custom embroidered Search and State S1-V vest. The embroidery is specially designed to commemorate this Boston Builder Bash.  You don’t have to present to participate in the drawing. We will send you a notification the next day if your name is drawn.

Nom? Nom. Nom!

We're serving a lot of special food and drink. Enjoy a burrito bar filled with vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options. And we promise we won't run out of beverages. Save some room for dessert; We're serving up the very popular Union Square Doughnuts including the important Boston Cream Pie.

Ride Headquarters is providing a lot of reasons to join us for this one-time event.  We hope you'll share this special evening with us and the bike builders. 

Space is limited. RSVP to attend Now!

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