The Ride Headquarters Burning Snowflake Series

Ride Details - Ride #1: The Resolution Ride

The Resolution Ride is part of the Burning Snowflake Series. Learn more about the full series and incentives to join in for these rides!

What & Why:  It’s the first ride of the year! 

Get the 2017 season started off right by joining us for one of the off-road rides we’re hosting on New Year’s Day.  It’s going to be a great day of riding and eating!

Date & Time:  January 1, Sunday at noon

Brunch begins at 10:00 am.  Doors open at 8:00 am.


Please RSVP for the ride so we can plan accordingly. We look forward to you joining us for this great ride and day!


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Type of Ride and Ideal Bike:  Mountain bike, mixed-terrain bikes, fat bikes. 

The ideal bike could be any of these; the weather conditions will dictate the optimum setup.  What we do know for certain is that if there’s any ice or snow, studded tires and the right clothing to keep extremities warm will be the mantra.

Routes:  Two distance offerings – the route design is weather specific.  

Because the routes are weather-dependent, final details will be posted the night before the ride.  We’re designing the Resolution Route to take about 2-3 hours, depending on pace and weather.  The Double Resolution Route will probably take about 4-6 hours depending on pace and weather.

Snow & Ice Routes:  If there’s new snow or more than about 3” of old snow:

o   Double Resolution:  30 miles – about 4-6 hours

o   Resolution:  12 miles – about 2-3 hours

Cold & Clear Routes:  If there is no snow or very sparse snow:

o   Double Resolution:  40 mile – about 4-6 hours

o   Resolution:  17 miles – about 2-3 hours

Ride Navigation Options:

o Guided Groups:  Three pace options.  Group rollouts begin at noon and will head out every 10-15 minutes.

o Fast Pace – Working hard the entire ride; not stopping very often – maybe a photo-op or two.

o Moderate – A steady pace that will keep riders warm; your heart rate will be high at times.  Not looking to win, but not dilly dallying, either.

o Fun – This is a no-drop ride.  Dress warm and be ready for a some stops to enjoy nature and get some good photos.

o Self-Guided Ride:  For the solo or duo adventure that enjoys solitude and exploring what we hope are some new trails for you.  A GPS unit for the route is required.  Ride at your own pace and rollout whenever you want, anytime after 12:01.

o Teams:  Ride with your friends at the pace you like.  At least one of your teammates has to have a GPS unit for the route. This is required; we recommend three or more GPS units for any group.  Rollout whenever you want, anytime after 12:05.

Ride Incentives

Get your butt out and ride with us in the cold.  We’ll make it worth your time!

o Special Offer:  Ride HQ special offer for participants of this ride only:  Preparing for icy rides.  Buy a pair of studded tires and we’ll provide tubes and installation for free – a $40 value.  This goes for fat bike studded tires, too; tubes and installation is valued at $60.  Purchase has to be made by December xx if you want them installed for the Resolution Ride.  We’re happy to schedule installation anytime other than the morning of the ride; plan ahead!

o Burning Snowflake Credit Voucher:  You’ll get one or two credits for the Resolution Ride – depending on which route you do.  You’ll get a lot more credits depending on the weather conditions.  See above for details about the value of credits and how to rack them up fast.

o Food:  Full brunch with hot foods and hot drinks.

o Learn and connect: New trails and new riding friends:  We hope you’ll ride some new trails on one of the routes we’re offering.  We work hard to bring new rocks and roots to our cycling family.  We promise you’ll meet unfamiliar riders, too.

o Get a jump on the season.  Be the envy of your cycling friends when you’ve already got some good miles in and the first day of the year isn’t even over!