The Ride Headquarters Burning Snowflake Series

What is the Burning Snowflake Ride Series?

This is a Ride Headquarters 2017 Early Season Ride Series to help riders enjoy being outside from the very beginning of the year. This sets the tone for the rest of the year and the transition from winter to spring riding will be that much easier! 

The Rides

All rides depart from cozy Ride Headquarters.  Details about each ride are available on individual ride pages. We'll post the details of each before January 1. The details for The Resolution Ride are up.

  1. January 1, Sunday at noon:   The Resolution Ride.  Mountain bike and mixed terrain trails.

  2. January 14 Saturday at noon:  Burning Snowflake Ride.  Fat bike and mountain bike ride.
  3. February 4, Saturday at noon:  February Frost Ride.  Depending on weather conditions routes will be ideal for fat bikes, mountain bikes, and mixed terrain bikes.
  4. February 25 , Saturday at 11:00 am:  The FireFrost Ride.  This ride includes both road bike routes – if weather permits – and off-road routes that are appropriate for fat bikes, mountain bikes, and mixed terrain bikes. 
  5. March 11, Saturday at 10:00 am:  Burning Snowman Ride.  We’re riding mixed terrain, mountain bikes and fat bikes, too!
  6. March 25, Saturday at 8:00 am:  Snowflake Century Ride.  100% Pavement ride. Due to weather, we cancelled this ride. On April 23, we are offering these rides (without the breakfast and after-ride meal).
  7. April 8, Saturday at 9:30 am:  The SunFlake Ride.  100% Pavement route.
  8. April 15, Saturday at 9:00 am:  The NoFlake Ride.  This is a pure road route.  The season is here!  Let’s celebrate the final ride of the series together!

BONUS - Extra Ride: April 23, Sunday - Ride the routes of the Snowflake Century Ride that couldn't be run due to weather on March 25!

Why Ride the Burning Snowflake Series? 

Great Rides with Great People

There is a special camaraderie that happens when doing unusual rides. Unusual rides during colder and harsher weather? Even better. The company of good people makes rides like these worth bundling up to go outside, and at the end, the idea of staying inside will be unthinkable.   

Great Routes

This is a great opportunity to learn new trails and roads in the area. We've come up with a large variety of routes to keep everything interesting, and the sense of exploration will be welcome to keep your mind off of the elements. 

Incentives Galore

There is a Punch Card which you'll get punched for each ride you attend. Some rides count for extra punches. All of the punches add up to cool incentive prizes appropriate for the kind of riding this series entails.

“Double” length rides count for double punches. 

Incentive Prizes

The incentives add up as you ride more with us. Watch for how many points are needed for each tier.

  • Tier 1 Points:  Ride HQ custom cap – your choice of summer or winter.  A $40-60 value.

  • Tier 2 Points:  Free entry into a single-day Overland Base Camp ride or $100 toward any Overland event; whichever price is less.  Plus the RHQ cap.
  • Tier 3 Points:  A custom Giordana “All Seasons with Ride HQ” summer jersey; a $270 value. You will also receive the OBC entry, and the RHQ cap.


Each ride in the series includes brunch or breakfast.  Each meal will be different from the last. Plenty of variety for most eating habits (veggie, vegan, gluten-free). So, come hungry! 

Special Winter & Spring Clothing Incentives

Each ride has its own unique incentive. Come out to the receive the voucher of the ride!