Group Weekly Rides & Special Rides

We offer a wide variety of group rides all year long. We have rides that run weekly and others are special one-time-only event rides. Be certain to keep an eye on our group ride calendars and come out for all of the rides that appeal to you!

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January 1, 2019 was the perfect time to gather for a super Road Ride!

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Night Rides are adventures, and in the quiet of the trails in Sherborn and neighboring towns, this is some of the best riding to be experienced. Our Full Moon rides run every night of a Full Moon - so they’re already marked on your calendar.

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Mountain Bike ride with us every Sunday morning at 9am!

All are invited to our group rides who are comfortable with the posted pace, distance, and who are willing to abide by the Ride HQ Rules of Riding. All riders must sign the Liability Waiver online prior to riding with us for the first time. We take safe, responsible riding very seriously - so everyone has more fun.  

All of the Group Rides offered here and at our other store, Ride Studio Cafe, are described in detail at the A listing of all of our rides is below: