Trainer Games

Trainer Games is an opportunity for you and your riding friends to pedal inside from January through March together. This is a fun way to gain fitness, ride your bike, and participate in a group-ride setting while riding at your own pace.


Schedule: Trainer games happens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from January 3 through Thursday, March 30.

Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30pm-8pm

Sunday: 9am-10:30am

Fee: There is no charge to participate. The more the merrier! There are incentives for joining in. Again, more people participating = more fun for everyone. This is meant to be the funnest way to get fit indoors this winter.

Trainer: If you'd like to store your trainer at Ride HQ, you're welcome to do that. Sorry, bikes can't be stored here in-between sessions.

Game Rules

  • Every rule is optional; the point of the Games is to:
    1. Pedal in a social, no-stress environment
    2. Smile and maybe even laugh
    3. Get your butt on a bike when you may not be motivated
  • Each session is 90 minutes. 
  • Ride Leader chooses 10 cards from the Trainer Games Deck and pins them to the wall next to the TV. 
  • Every time one of the card markers appears during the race, perform the corresponding interval.
  • Have fun!

Incentive Punch Card

At each session, we'll punch a special Trainer Games card each time you ride indoors with us. The more you ride, the more great bike stuff you receive!

  • Join us for 9 rides and receive chamois cream from Overland Base Camp or Honey Bikes.  A $22 value.
  • Ride 12 Sessions: Ride Headquarters custom winter or summer cap.  $60 value.  As well as the chamois cream.
  • Ride 18 Sessions:  Free entry into any of Overland Base Camp's single-day events.  A $75-200 value.  Plus the cap and chamois cream.
  • Ride 24 Sessions:  Receive a special edition Trainer Games 2017 Giordana jersey.  A $230 value.  Plus the Overland event entry, RHQ cap, and chamois cream.
  • Ride all 36:  Buy a bike from HQ and receive a parts kit and wheel upgrade valued at $1,000.  Plus the Trainer Games jersey, Overland event entry, RHQ cap, and chamois cream.

Make Sure You Bring

  • Your bike.  Best if you have a trainer-specific tire installed, too.
  • Your trainer.  Don't forget your trainer-specific rear wheel quick release.  No rollers.
  • A towel or mat to be placed under your trainer.
  • A towel, if you sweat.
  • Water bottle, if you drink.
  • Cycling shoes and bib shorts, and whatever else you want for comfortable trainer riding.
  • A sense of humor and adventure.

If you are unsure of your trainer/bike setup, contact us. We have trainers and accessories for sale and we can help you set your bike up so it's ready to ride indoors. 

Please let us know of your interest in participating so we know, in general, who to expect. This will also allow us to email those who are interested in case of any last-minute changes or updates. 

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