Honey Allroads Titanium

The Vermonter

Made to Climb with Pep, Descend Confidently


The Honey Allroads bike is exactly what it is named after. This bike is designed to ride on all road conditions – paved, broken, carriage trails, and even well-worn single track.  This is a super gravel adventure bike.  Take it anywhere to do anything really well. It is lightweight, lively, responsive, and offers comfort to the rider on the roughest surfaces.

The parts kit and build on this bike are curated for long rides in Vermont and every hilly place between here and there.

What Makes the Bike Climb Easily

Gearing: While you want to be able to climb in Vermont, Western Massachusetts and other hilly places, you’re loathe to give up your high gears. This bike keeps your high gears, and adds low ones by way of utilizing a mountain cassette and special hardware. Get much lower than 1:1 gearing. This build comes with an 11-40t cassette, 50/34 crankset.

Power transfer and well-design chainstays: The frame design of the Honey Allroads offer a bike light enough to not be fighting gravity, and when you feel the power you’re putting into the pedals translate straight to the rear wheel, your climbing confidence goes way up!

Titanium frame and bigger tires stick to the ground: When your bike sticks to the ground, you’re more likely to be able to translate your pedaling power to moving forward. The stiffest and lightest bikes spend time off of the ground, making these bikes slower. Try the Honey to see what we’re talking about.

What Makes the Bike Descend with Confidence

Bigger Tires: The Honey Allroads frame offers tire clearance for 43mm tires front and rear with 700c wheels, 50mm tires on 650b wheels. Wider tires are more sure-footed on descents. Running at lower pressures, the tires conform over rough surfaces, grabbing better all the way.

Great Brakes: Disc brakes, both cable-actuated and hydraulic, offer the rider confidence stopping. You have your choice based on your braking needs. We employ Shimano cable-actuated calipers for solid performance. Few disc brakes work well, so we use the best. Having the right pads and cables, and housing are all important to the braking performance of the bike.

Frame Geometry: Honey Allroads are built with stability and playfulness in mind. The geometry of an Allroads allows the bike to be fun to ride, but stable at the same time. Descending confidence is the result of proper bottom bracket height, head tube angle, rake of the fork on the bike. These are all essential to a great experience on the bike.

Proper Fit: Included in each bike purchase is a professional fitting with a superior bike fitter. We won’t sell you a bike that doesn’t fit you correctly. With proper fit comes comfort that allows easy reach to the brake hoods, a feeling of freshness hours into the ride, and comfort in your hands, feet, and in your saddle.

Why This Bike is Made for Vermont and Vermont-esque Riding

The Scenery: When you ride in Vermont, you need to take photos of the vistas. Your bike looks good in the photos by having the color of your choice on the titanium frame, or you have the choice of blasted decals. Note: you have a choice among color options offered.

The Gearing: Low-low gearing and high gearing, together, make this bike excel both up and downhill and on the flats, too.

The Tires: You get durable, fast-rolling 32mm Continental Four Season tires. Roll over all of the dirt roads you want and feel fresh at the end of every day of riding. These also offer lots of confidence descending on fast dirt roads. The tires paired with wide-rimmed wheels are exceptionally fun to ride.

Titanium: The qualities inherent with a well-designed, well-built bike all favor the Vermont cyclist. The frame is lightweight, durable, and the parts are not proprietary. You have nothing to worry about when being in the middle of nowhere with your bike, your bike will get you home. Love the quiet of nature? A standard threaded bottom bracket is quiet! Leave pressfit bottom brackets as they creak and require service. Imagine developing a creak in your bike in the peace of Vermont.

Mounts for Three Bottle Cages: Because you might be out there for a very long time with few or any stores, you want to bring extra water. Your frame is ready to carry three bottles.

All of the reasons this is a great bike, in general: The bike is also exceptional for riding anywhere. Having a bike that fits well, that is properly built with parts sourced from quality manufacturers, crafted by hand in Massachusetts by cyclists, and has excellent ride qualities in terms of responsiveness, great handling, and vertical compliance ALL translate to you loving this bike anywhere in the world. The list is so long of what you get, the value of the bike is unmatched in the bike world.

*Very* Special Limited Offer if you purchase a Honey Allroads

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Purchase a titanium Honey Allroads with R8070 Shimano Di2 electronic shifting and hydraulic brakes and receive a FREE wheel upgrade worth over $500!

Price of a titanium Honey Allroads with R8070 during this offer: $6,740

Offer good until May 31, 2019.

Complete pricing information and kit details are shown on the Honey Allroads is detailed at Honey Bikes’ website.

Contact us for more details and to get a super Allroads bike under you by emailing us at honeygravel@rideheadquarters.com or fill out this form!

We have Honey Allroads bikes in stock ready to go home with you.

If you choose an Allroads not already on our floor means you’re riding your bike in less than 4 weeks


This bike is built to ride through everything no matter the terrain and conditions. It excels on the bumpiest gravel, dirtiest dirt roads, and loves to roll fast on pavement too.  When fitted with a 25c road tire, this bike will gladly join the fastest of group road rides.  Employing titanium makes it tough, durable, and smooth over the roughest roads.  Honey's geometry makes the bike accelerate like a race bike and handle predictably -- like it's on rails.  These are tall promises but Honey has 30+ years of framebuilding experience and they and we all guarantee that you'll love this bike if you're looking for one bike that does just about everything extremely well.

The Allroads Titanium is priced to provide you more value than any other titanium bike on the market.  And titanium is the best material for mixed-terrain riding, especially when the frame was engineered by life-long cyclists with a long history of mountain biking, road cycling, and gravel riding years before “gravel” was a cycling thing.  The Honey Allroads is the lightest bike in its class compared to any bike with a matching parts kit.  So, it is the best of the best.  

Why the Honey Allroads is THE gravel bike for you:

This is the highest value gravel bike on the market by a wide margin. Here’s why:

  • Lightweight: It is as light or lighter than any bike in its price range. 

  • Fast: Honey's chainstays are stiff, translating pedaling power directly to the rear wheel.

  • Responsive: The bike is designed to do exactly what its rider asks without rider fatigue.

  • Sure-footed: Keeping the tires on the ground is the best way to stay upright on loose surfaces. This bike maintains contact with the ground, rider confidence is the result.

  • Made in the USA: Honey Bikes are designed and hand-built in Massachusetts.

  • Price: is competitive with any other bike built with this same parts kit.

  • Ride Now: Buy and Ride away on your new Honey today.

  • Titanium: This is the best material for a gravel bike frame. Titanium won't rust or corrode under any conditions. It's super durable for rough terrain and treatment.

  • Durable: Gravel bikes experience more stress and frame-testing situations such as rocks being flung up onto the frame and hitting potholes at speed than road bikes. The parts kit is curated for light-weight durability.

  • It fits and feels great: A Professional Bike fitting is included in the price of the bike.

  • Backed by us and our Professional Mechanics: 1 year of labor is included with your bike purchase.


The Vermonter Build Options:

Shimano Ultegra 11-speed gruppo

  • Mechanical shifting with Cable Actuated Brakes: $5,545

  • Mechanical shifting with Hydraulic Brakes:  $5,785

  • Di2 Electronic Shifting & Hydraulic Disc brakes: $6,740

  • Parts Kit: Shimano Ultegra R8000 11-speed group parts unless otherwise specified

  • Brakes: 160 mm rotors, flat-mount, low-mount

    • If cable actuated: Shimano RS305 mechanical

    • If hydraulic: Shimano R8020 hydraulic calipers and brifters

    • If Di2/hydro: Shimano R8070 hydraulic calipers and brifters

  • Rear derailleur: Shimano RX800 or RX805 - Clutch derailleur, minimizes chain slap

  • Gearing:

    • Chainrings: 50-34t

    • Cassette: 11-40t

  • Wheels: Mavic Allroad Elite disc, centerlock rotors, UST tubeless compatible

  • Wheels with Special Upgrade Option: Industry Nine AR25 TRA

  • Tires that come with the Mavic wheelset: Mavic Allroad XL 40mm, folding, ready for tubeless install

  • Tires: Continental Grand Prix Four Season, 32mm & tubes

  • Saddle:

    • Men's: Prologo Kappa Evo T2.0

    • Women's: Prologo Kappa Evo Dea

  • Handlebar: Honey superlight 3D forged aluminum; handlebar tape: Fizik Superlight Tacky, black

  • Stem: Honey superlight 3D forged aluminum

  • Seatpost: Fizik R5 aluminum

  • Headset: Cane Creek 40

  • Decals: Your choice of decals among colors offered (ask us for the options)

  • Exclusions: Pedals, water bottle cages, fenders

  • All parts are bike size-specific and gender specific: Crank arm length, stem length, handlebar width, saddle type, brake lever setup


If you know what size frame you want, great. However, most people are not riding the optimal frame size due to needing to settle for the frame size offered. Honey has 12 sizes of Allroads, and with the assistance of our Professional Fitter, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the right size and proper fitting handlebars, stem, seatpost, saddle, crankarms, and frame.

Top Tube LengthHead Tube LengthFrame "reach"Frame StackStandover Height**Wheel Size