Why Work with Us

We pulled a few highlights from emails we have received from people with whom we've worked with on a bike project. 

 There are countless other stories similar to these which are humbling for us to receive and to share. Most of these accounts are taken are from our Ride Studio Cafe location since we have just opened in Sherborn. The same staff work here and the same experience is shared across stores.

We want to work with you so you can have a similar story to share. Delivering great bike riding experiences is at the core of who we are and what we live for. We want you to have the same joy, thrill, and excitement of a new bike and new riding experiences, like the people who share their feelings, below:  


Honey Day Ride road bike

Honey Day Ride road bike

"The shop staff are kind, courteous and patient. I was able to take home three different bikes as we explored fit and configuration., this was fantastic, as I could put some real miles on these bikes, not just ride around the block.

The shop worked really well to help me get what I wanted without going over budget.

The fitting was amazing. I learned a lot about power transfer and different riding postures and have wound up with a geometry quite a bit much better than what I had on my old bike."

- David P, Newton, MA

Seven Evergreen S

Seven Evergreen S

To say that the bike has been satisfying would be a gross understatement.  Early on, I referred to it as my "magic carpet" when describing the ride to my wife and a couple of cycling friends, and that name has stuck.  Indeed, it floats along as if by magic, smoothing out rough terrain, while remaining fun and responsive. The process from my initial inquiry at RSC through today has been exceptional.  

- Michael B., Hoosick Falls, NY

Seven Axiom SL, photos from Mark C.

Seven Axiom SL, photos from Mark C.

Almost a month and 500+ miles on my Axiom SL and all I have to say is this bike kicks @$$!!!  I know I am stronger this year but this thing flies!!!  Today: 55+ miles through Harvard solo at 19.6 mph average. It's got serious game - thanks so much for making me a winner!!!

- Mark C., Cambridge, MA

Seven Evergreen S with two forks: this one for road and mixed terrain riding, a Waterford steel for bikepacking and touring with a front rack and loaded panniers.

Seven Evergreen S with two forks: this one for road and mixed terrain riding, a Waterford steel for bikepacking and touring with a front rack and loaded panniers.

I can't overstate what a great experience it was from beginning to end.  They worked with me to understand what I was looking for, and what kind of riding I would be doing on this bike.  That lead me to the first decision - the frame.  I opted to go with their suggestion - the Evergreen S, titanium frame, and built for disc brakes!  The description of the bike on their web site says it all, "a go anywhere bike that is rugged and dependable".  The full story of the bike and the meaning behind it is found on Bill's blog

I wanted to thank you for making my experience ordering, building, fitting and leaving the Ride Cafe with my new Seven such a gratifying, fun and joyful experience.  

Even better than that, the bike is terrific.  It rides like an old friend, but yet I go faster, longer,  more comfortably than my old bike.  I feel 20 years younger riding it, and yet it feels totally familiar.  It is truly a joy to get on and pump up a hill-

I could go on and on, but I just wanted to let you both know that the project was a complete success, and to the extent that an inanimate object can bring happiness, my Seven does it.

Thank you again for your help, advice and good cheer.  

- George C. Brookline, MA. Steel Seven Axiom road bike

Seven Evergreen SL

Seven Evergreen SL

It's a dream. Thank you. I have got only 60 miles and only on the road, but it's a lovely ride, soft but solid, forgiving but strong acceleration, comfortable but confidence-inspiring. I love it.

- Ted S., Lexington, MA

I have been riding my bike and I can't believe how responsive it is and how fast I can go and how easily I can pedal up the hills!

- Peg M. Newton, MA, Honey Winterando

Honey Commuter with Gates belt drive.

Honey Commuter with Gates belt drive.

My new Honey is everything I wanted it to be: it is smooth, stable, and fits perfectly. As an unexpected bonus, it also looks wicked cool :)

I rode on the roads to MIT yesterday; I was bolder today and rode on some snow-covered dirt. True it wasn't icy but for a wimp like me this is quite a step.

Thanks so much for making it happen!

- Drew F., Lexington, MA

Ben asked for a custom color to have his Axiom SL match a particular color on a tie-dyed shirt. 

Ben asked for a custom color to have his Axiom SL match a particular color on a tie-dyed shirt. 

My SEVEN is the absolute, number one best purchase I have ever made in my life. It makes me happier than any other thing I have ever bought and that includes some exceptional guitars that I play often and value greatly. For me, it’s  not just a bike, it’s a lifestyle.

- Ben R., Arlington, MA

If anything shows how great my new bike is…

I have a 0.8 mile ascent near my house that I ride up anytime I am leaving Boston to go westward. On my carbon Madone 5.2 my best times were from 2013 (around 4 min 40 seconds) and I was a bit slower in 2014. Since I started riding the Seven I have gone up many times in 4:30 (about 3.5% faster) despite being 2 years older.

- Marc B., Boston, MA, Seven Axiom SL 

It has been a month and the bike is great. It is awesome. I've even had it on some trails and it climbs beautifully. Must be great to sell such a great product.

Thanks for everything.

- Frank L., Lexington, MA, S&S Coupled Seven Evergreen SL

Seven Mudhoney SL

Seven Mudhoney SL

Our expectations were high and you beat them! [My daughter] was flying through trails yesterday afternoon, I could barely keep up. She has an engine, but her confidence in the fit and handling characteristics of the bike made her want to use it in a way I have not seen before (mind you over crunchy snow and ice). 

...you nailed the fit to the millimeter. [She] had the sensation she was floating on top of trail rather than riding within. She has come up with all kinds of affectionate nick names ascribing super human powers to bike. 

- Leon P., Belmont, MA

I am loving the bike!

Had a great ride Sunday up in NH on some of my favorite dirt roads between Francestown, New Boston, and Milford, NH (also ended up on a lot of jeep tracks and even went through a couple of water hazards).  The bike performed beautifully: it really absorbed the rougher surfaces, was amazingly stable and balanced on dirt descents (love the disc brakes for those, too), and climbed really efficiently (I just wish I was in better shape right now).  It was also incredibly comfortable.  I have no plans on tinkering with the fit at all at the moment--it seems dialed in perfectly so far.  

- Tony S., Lowell, MA, Seven Evergreen SL

The new Honey in our house is beautiful and a real delight.

It rides a treat, [my wife] came on my little commute to Framingham this morning and it was a pleasure to see her and Honey zip along in the morning sun.

Thanks very much indeed for helping us create such a lovely machine that will deliver pleasure in the years to come.

- Jamie M. Newton, MA, Honey Day Ride

I love my new bike – no surprise!  It’s a large bike, and the realization that I’ve been riding bikes which are too small is sinking in. 

Thanks again for the great service and a great bike!

- Tom L. Charlestown, MA, Seven Mudhoney SL

Thank you so much for my new SEVEN bike.  It is really an amazing machine!

As you know, I have had the bike a couple of weeks now and have a chance over the last week (snow gone) to give a few test rides.  It is very very very sweet.

I am so happy to now have the best bike in the world to replace my old steed which has traveled me very far.

- Avery R. Barnstable, MA, Seven Sola S

I am ever so grateful for all the personal attention you have given me prior to the launching of my Honey.

I have over 40 miles on her as of today which  for me is amazing. Making up for lost time? Can't tell you what a HUGE difference a great bike makes.

Where has she been all my life?

Thanks again.

- Lynne K., Lexington, Honey Day Ride

The afternoon easy ride was perfect, smooth, fast, responsive, silent, precise, just what I had in mind and more. Thanks for the great experience.

- Martin H., Arlington, MA, Seven 622 SLX 

We LOVE our Honeys! Our bikes are fabulous. They are the perfect design and compromise between road and Acadia trail. We got it just right. Finally got a 17 mile ride yesterday, and they were very comfortable on the gravel. It was a seamless transition from road to trail.

Haven't gotten them over 31 mph yet. But trying to build up my courage.

- Claudia & Roger - Newton, MA

Honey commuter with Gates Belt drive

Honey commuter with Gates Belt drive

I decided when I bought my Honey that life is too short to ride a clunker. 

- Erik H., Lexington