Living Quarters at Ride HQ

Ride Headquarters is much more than a bike shop. We have ample space for you and your riding friends to mingle, relax, and meet up for bike rides. Our living quarters offers all of the comforts of home. 

We have a couch, tables, chairs, bar stools, free wifi, and a large, free parking lot which we encourage you and your friends to use as you wish.

Let us know if you and a group you ride with would like to begin, end, or have us as a water/food stop along the way for any of your rides. We are happy to provide special food or drink for you and your group if you have any requests; and we can accommodate your schedule if you want to drop by before or after our official business hours.


Our living quarters has a large community table and individual tables. These are places meant for relaxing, hanging out with your cycling friends, and meeting new people. 

You'll find a lot of reading material on our tables and in our library. The latest edition of each Rouleur magazine is here along with many older issues which are timeless in content and photography. Along with cycling culture publications, there are books that cover topics such as training, bike maintenance, and the history of cycling.

NEMBA's magazines are here, feel free to take a copy home. 

2017-07-30 09.35.53.jpg


We have very tasty packaged bike foods that are easy to keep in your jersey pocket, and our selection goes far beyond that. Open the refrigerator to find a wide variety of cold drinks, Ride Studio Cafe cold brew, yogurt, and more.

Check out the freezer in the warmer months: we keep it stocked with ice cream treats, vegan treats, and we have a plentiful supply of ice if you want really cold water for your water bottle.


We love good coffee and want to share it with you! All of our hot and iced coffee is made with George Howell coffee beans - and it's always free here.



We have public restrooms and plenty of space for you to change clothes and get ready for the ride and switch back to street clothes post-ride. 

We have soft towels here if you're a mess after a ride to help clean up. 

Is your bike a mess, too? Take advantage of our outside hose to wash off your bike before heading home.