Seven Cycles

The absolutely no-compromise bike built for you.

Each Seven Cycles bike is unique to the rider who chooses a Seven.

We love working with Seven Cycles for a long list of reasons. The top reason is that YOU are Seven’s top priority. No bike builder is as into riding that’s right for EACH PERSON as Seven is. Seven has completely committed to the rider experience, and the lifetime warranty they offer with each bike. Seven doesn’t follow industry trends unless what the industry is offering means the rider will have a better experience on the bike. There are a lot of gimmicky things on the market that Seven avoids because it wouldn’t be the best choice.

Seven fatigue tests their designs and materials. Very few, if any other customer builders, can say the same. Seven has well over 20-years of bike building experience and has built over 30,000 frames for every kind of rider, every size, shape, and type of riding. Seven has more design experience than any other bike maker since they’re not just popping out the same design over and over like many larger bike companies. They are being thoughtful with each frame, and they are efficient, so the price of each bike reflects the time and energy of their designers and frame builders creating your frame rather than those dollars going to a deep marketing budget, as is true with many of the big bike brands.

Custom extends far beyond the geometry. Custom as Seven defines it includes:

  • The tubeset is chosen for the rider

    • Result: The bike has the proper stiffness, plushness, vertical compliance, acceleration, and road feel that is desirable to the rider.

    • Why ride a bike that's built for someone who is heavier or lighter?

    • For frames with butted tubing, the butting is done in the proper places allowing the welds to have appropriate material for strength. This lightens the frame and keeps it strong.

  • The geometry is created for the rider

    • Seven considers so much more than just the physical dimensions of a rider when designing a frame's geometry. 

    • Because all of the angles on a Seven are created by cutting and welding metal, all of the angles on the frame are custom to the rider. The result is: 

      • Perfect fit

      • Ideal handling for the kind of riding the bike will be doing

      • Proper weight distribution. For example, typically men have more weight in their shoulders, women in their hips. This is factored into the design allowing the rider to feel more connected to the bike and to the road.

      • The geometry considers the width of the tires the rider wants to use and allows a single bike to be much more flexible on tire size while maintaining peak bike performance.

  • Features and functionality are a riders' choice

    • Options from which to choose include:

      • Fender mounts

      • S&S Coupling for easy bike travel

      • Pump peg

      • Rack mounts

      • Desired number of bottle cage mounts from 0 to 3

      • Chain hangar

      • Headtube diameter

      • Brake type

      • Handlebar type (drop or flat/riser bar)

      • Cable routing for full cable housing (hydraulic or cable)

      • Cable routing for rear generator light

      • Frame split for Gates belt drive

      • No cable stops for SRAM eTap

      • Frames drilled for Shimano Di2

      • The list goes on...

  • Aesthetic is a rider's choice

    • A very simple, no-frills frame is an option. Blast decals for very subtle elegant look.

    • Splash color on the bike in numerous ways

    • Practically no limit on a paint scheme or color that can be applied to the frame

    • Custom-colored decals for a simpler way to add color

    • Colors on all parts of the bike are the riders' choice, assuming the parts can be sourced with the desired color. Examples are:

      • Headsets

      • Hubs

      • Bar tape

      • Hoods

      • Brake and shifter cables

      • Frame

      • Stem, seatpost, and fork can all be painted

      • Saddle

      • Seatpost collar

      • Spokes/rims/wheels

      • Quick releases

      • Tires

      • Pedals

  • We work with you to help you get the bike that's perfect for you. We are knowledgeable about the various group sets available on the market, we know about pre-built and hand-built wheels, we have helped thousands of people design and build Sevens, and we work very closely with the good people at Seven Cycles. Custom is for all cyclists of all levels - we don't assume anything about the riding you do or the future riding you want to do; this is an interactive process that allows you to get the right bike for you regardless of your knowledge of the current standards, compatibilities, or anything else. 

  • Demo Ride! 

    • The single best way you can determine the frame material and components that you like is to take out a demo bike or a few. See what frame material feels best for where you'll be riding, feel the hoods in your hands, and see which shifting is most pleasant to you. Feel how the vertical compliance of the frame translates to your comfort in the saddle. What do you love? What would you change? This is the best way to understand your preferences, and a perfect way to communicate those to us and Seven, too. 

    • Demo rides are free - they are so important, we want you to demo our bikes!

    • Request a Demo on our Demo Ride Page!

    • Suggestions on how to demo bikes are on our blog