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Sales Manager

If you feel either of these statements describes your feelings exactly, then maybe we're the right next step in your professional life. 

"I work in the bike world -- bike shop, bike supplier, bike rep -- but am frustrated by the state of the industry?  Its decline; its lack of professionalism; its race to the bottom."

"I make my living outside of the bike world but can't stop thinking about bikes all day long, and I think I'd be happier if I got to work with great bikes and enthusiastic riders every day?"

If you relate to either of these, keep reading.

Apply to work with us if you're interested in:

  • Having a positive impact on riders' lives.  We get tremendous joy from the transformative experience each rider has when we design -- and they ride -- the ideal bike.  If you care about making people happy, working with us can be an incredibly fulfilling experience every day.
  • Working as part of a close-knit team of dedicated bike industry professionals that are changing the face of bike buying and the definition of "bike shop."
  • Working as a bike designer where you get to develop and co-create super cool bikes from the ground up.  We work with framebuilders directly.  We have access to some special and limited edition components and accessories.  We get to play on the cutting edge of the industry.
  • Working in a different kind of bike store.  We do just about everything differently, from the way we offer test rides to the way riders order bikes to the way we work with the cycling community.  We reevaluate every assumption, and we're constantly experimenting.  Best practices are simply a starting point for us.  We're working on the new practices and the next practices.
  • Working on creative riding projects that get more riders having more new experience and riding more often.  We offer over fifty riding projects each season, and every season is different.  We go far beyond hosting "club rides."  We create microadventures, bikepacking trips, endurance rides, overnight exploits, and many other types of bike projects.
  • Being part of the cycling community and playing a role in growing and improving it.  We are dedicated to expanding the community and playing a critical role in making cycling better, safer, and more engaging.
  • Being a store manager with autonomy and sense of ownership.  We're adding locations soon.  If you want to manage a high-end bike store, this is your chance to take part in its creation from the ground up and to play an essential role in store development.
  • Working on a wide variety of bike types and customer interests.  We don't just sell the latest fads like disc road bikes.  We thoughtfully design all kinds of bikes from Rolhoff fat bikes to sub 15-pound performance road bikes, and everything in between.  Every bike is a niche.  Every customer is looking for something special.  We provide this in ways that no other store can.  We sell mixed terrain bikes, bikepacking bikes, plus bikes, performance road bikes, randonnee bikes, tandems, commuters, cyclocross, and many other category niches.
  • Working with a professional team whose individuals come from all walks of life.  We used to work in the real world, and now we get to work in the bike world at the highest performing bike store in the United States.
  • Working with the highest quality and best performing bike builders, component manufacturers, and parts suppliers.  We are fortunate to work in the high-end market where each bike is an investment of $3,500 or more.  Every bike is an interesting and fun project.
  • Working with customers who love to ride.  Riding is significantly more than a utility or tool for exercise.  Our customers do all kinds of riding from touring, racing, gravel riding, commuting, bikepacking, and more.
  • Working with a company that sells only custom bikes.  Every bike is unique and means something special to the buyer.  That's all we do.  Every single bike we sell is different from each bike that's come before it.
  • Owning a bike store at some point.  We offer an innovative work training program where we teach you all you need to know to start your own bike studio.  We'll teach you everything from finding the right store location to how to manage finances to ensure a sustainable long-term business that's both enjoyable and profitable.

Curious about how you can participate in what we're doing?  Interested to find out more?  If you want to want to make a real difference in the bike industry and work to make riders happier and more engaged with the cycling community, join us.  This is what we get to do every day and it's completely amazing.

Professional Mechanic

We are seeking a professional bike mechanic. 

Bike building and servicing: The mechanic's primary role is to build and service bikes. Must have experience servicing and building high-end modern bikes. 

Customer Service: Keeping people rolling is the mission of the mechanic. Communicating effectively with bike owners in all aspects of bike building and maintenance is fundamental.

Maintaining a world-class are: Maintain the work space in world-class condition. Must be clean, organized, and able to share the space with others.

Manage supplier relationships: Ability to communicate with suppliers and manage off-site repairs. 

5+ years experience desired. Part-time and full-time will be considered.

Bike Fit Specialist

We are seeking a professional bike fitter. 

Bike Fit Specialist Mission: Ensure that clients receive the best and most appropriate bike fitting service for increasing their cycling enjoyment. Be the preferred source for high-end bikes and the improvement of riding performance and engagement. Create client champions that sustainably grow Ride Headquarters' place in the cycling community.

Primary Responsibilities

Bike Fitting: The Fit Specialist’s basic function is to perform all the bike fittings for new bike sales and re-fittings on riders’ existing bikes. Maintain a neat and organized fit work area. Set and manage the schedule for client appointments.

Consultative Selling: Responsible for selling bikes, merchandise, and services offered at the store. Understand customer needs and use customer-centered selling skills to address those needs. Build brand loyalty, and grow repeat customer base by developing trust, providing personal accessibility, and offering desirable product lines.

Customer Service: Assist customers in every aspect of their experience with the store to ensure an unparalleled shopping experience. Ensure that our clients prefer working with Ride Headquarters over any other store.

Secondary Responsibilities

Bike Mechanic Expertise: When needed, perform repair and maintenance work on bicycles; clean and detail bikes as requested. Ensure all equipment and tools are functional, safe, and clean.


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