Join us for these Upcoming Events and Special Rides:

  • Ice Cream Prestige Ride Series - Saturday mornings at 9:30am, 36 miles at 16-17mph average, ends with free ice cream sundaes here!

  • The very popular Honey 100 is happening August 26 HERE! Enjoy this awesome mixed terrain riding adventure with your riding friends and meet new people.

  • New Weekly Lunch Rides! Both Thursday and Friday at 11:30am-1pm, we're riding. Thursday is a 17mph average group, Friday is a social 16mph group. Come join us for these! 

  • Note that our hours Thursday and Friday have changed: we now open at 1pm and close at 7:30pm both days. 

  • Every FULL MOON we ride mixed terrain together. Join us for these very special evenings in the moonlight!

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