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The Honey Allroads

The highest value gravel bike on the market is here!

Why the Honey Allroads is THE gravel bike for you:

This is the highest value gravel bike on the market by a wide margin. Here’s why:

  • Lightweight: It is as light or lighter than any bike in its price range. 

  • Fast: Honey's chainstays are stiff, translating pedaling power directly to the rear wheel.

  • Responsive: The bike is designed to do exactly what its rider asks without rider fatigue.

  • Sure-footed: Keeping the tires on the ground is the best way to stay upright on loose surfaces. This bike maintains contact with the ground, rider confidence is the result.

  • Made in the USA: Honey Bikes are designed and hand-built in Massachusetts.

  • Price: is competitive with any other bike built with this same parts kit.

  • Ride Now: Buy and Ride away on your new Honey today.

  • Titanium: This is the best material for a gravel bike frame. Titanium won't rust or corrode under any conditions. It's super durable for rough terrain and treatment.

  • Durable: Gravel bikes experience more stress and frame-testing situations such as rocks being flung up onto the frame and hitting potholes at speed than road bikes. The parts kit is curated for light-weight durability.

  • It fits and feels great: A Professional Bike fitting is included in the price of the bike.

  • Backed by us and our Professional Mechanics: 1 year of labor is included with your bike purchase.

Come out for Events & Group Rides!

  • Ride the final Adventure 500 - October 12

  • Mountain Bike Ride every Sunday morning at 9am - enjoy riding area trails.

  • Sunshine Express Road Group Ride every Saturday morning at 9am through summer - enjoy riding 37 miles with others!

  • Every FULL MOON throughout 2019 we ride mixed terrain together. Join us for these very special evenings in the moonlight!

    • The Next Full Moon Ride is Sunday, October 13 with rollout at 7pm

  • Winter Cycling Clinic - Wednesday, November 13 - Talk begins at 7pm. RSVP & Details

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Why Work with Us on Your Next Bike?

  • We have many years of experience in the cycling industry. We are men and women with various interests in cycling. Our backgrounds include mountain biking, pro-level road racing, tandeming, bikepacking, gravel riding and racing, snow and winter riding in the coldest temperatures, all-night riding, randonneuring, fixed gear riding, and much more.

  • We have more gravel bike design experience than any other shop on the East Coast.

  • We bring our deep experience of working with Seven Cycles to every bike project

  • Ride HQ is a top Seven dealer in the country - this affords us lead time priority in production for your bike

  • Everyone who works here spends time at Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington. Each of us has worked with many hundreds of people and we have never delivered two of the same bike after all of these years.

We work with you as an individual to get you on the best bike for you while staying within your budget. You get the bike that is right for you where it comes to frame, components, ride qualities of the bike, frame features, aesthetic of bike and much more. We work with the best suppliers to get you what you want to be riding. 

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