What if you Could Have Everything in One Bike?

When is the last time you saw a bike you liked, but wished for it to have bigger tire clearances, lighter weight, the frame size that is right for you, the speed and ability to roll over a variety of surfaces? Do you worry about buying a bike that will break early in its life? How many times have you had to concede when buying a bike, taking the color or components that you weren't excited about?

Why make compromises with your riding, considering how much cycling brings to your life in the way of enjoyment, health, time with others.  You know that accepting non-ideal bike features, functionality, and aesthetics translate to riding discomfort, being limited in the rides you can do, and even sacrificing your hea lth and safety. This isn't a stretch, this is the norm of what we see people contending with regularly. You can likely relate to at least a few of these. 

When you walk into Ride Headquarters, what you will see are some of the bikes that comprise our 40+ demo bike fleet. These demo bikes are examples of configurations of what is possible in a variety of sizes. What isn't obvious is that we have access to the equivalent of the largest warehouse in the world filled with thousands of bikes with no two being the same. One of the bikes in the warehouse has all of the features, functionality, fit, and aesthetic that is right for you. Just walk over to the right row and pick out this bike that catches your eye over all of the others. How fun is that? Essentially, this is what working with us to get a Seven Cycles or Honey bike is all about. 

By way of examples, here are some of the bikes Seven produces. The challenge to you is to remember each of these bikes can be modified such that it fits your criteria. 

Seven Cycles' Axiom Ultimate Disc Road Bike

2018-03-01 11.37.44.jpg

- When you want the fastest, stiffest road bike with disc brakes
- Too stiff means the bike doesn't get proper traction on the ground, and in New England, stiff in the vertical direction means feeling too much of the road. That has been managed with this bike. 
- Lightweight is not synonymous with disc brakes, but this bike keeps the performance and loses the weight and keeps the braking power and sleek design, too. 

Read More about the Axiom Ultimate Disc Road Bike. 

Seven Cycles' RedSky Endurance Bike


- When you usually want to ride on pavement, 25c tires are pleasing to you. But why have tire size limitations?
- Gravel rides are becoming more prevalent. Let your performance road bike take bigger tires for potential gravel rides or events, up to 33c knobby tires! 
- Caliper brakes and road wheels are light and performance-oriented. No need to add weight when you've been happy with road bikes all your life. Maybe you have a lot of rim-braking wheelsets at home that you would like to continue to use on your new bike. Go ahead! 

Read More about the RedSky Road Bike. 

Evergreen with XX Upgrade

Photo Jan 21, 8 28 25 AM.jpg

- Mixed terrain is your joy, you prefer to be off the beaten path than on, though this bike rides well on every surface you can find. 
- Disc brakes and tire clearances for 40c tires on 700c wheels means this bike doesn't know limits in foul conditions, easily fits capable tires for rough terrain, and studded tires for winter.
- You want to ride hard on trails, single track, and over rocks and roots. You need to be able to rely on your frame and components. How about the unbreakable derailleur hanger? Sounds like insurance for when you take the bike for a long adventure.
- You have no interest in being fatigued in position or with handling the bike because you are likely to want to take the bike for longer adventures and a more stable geometry with maximum power transfer gets you to where you want to go...even though you might not know where you're going when you head out.

Read More about the Evergreen with XX Upgrade.

Evergreen Sevenduro 2x2 Scrambler


- You want to ride off-road and maximize tire width for the most technical riding with a rigid fork and drop-bar setup possible. 650B wheels with tires of 2.1" mounted are your riding nirvana. 
- You value short chain stays and tires as wide as 2.1" with room to spare.
- Maybe you want a fender with that biggest tire. You got it. 
- And, there are days you'd prefer to do more endurance gravel with a 700c wheelset and 40c or narrower tire. You got that, too. Just swap wheelsets and it's like two bikes in one. Or a lot of bikes in one. Infinite Evergreening experiences realized. 


Read More about the Evergreen Sevenduro 2x2 Scrabler. 

29" Mountain Race Bike


- You like to go fast. Really, really fast. You might even like mountain bike racing. A pure 29" mountain bike made with titanium frame and suspension fork, designed by Seven Cycles, is fast. Seven Cycles' founders are former expert- and pro-level mountain bike racers. Let them design your mountain bike. 
- You want a quick, nimble, awesome mountain bike. This trims out the excesses and is a light, fast bike.  

2x2: Plus Mountain Bike and 29" Mountain Bike in One 


- You want to go fast some days and be able to roll over everything in a more casual manner on others. Have two wheelsets, will travel. Will have fun. 
- Why ride a dual suspension bike? Demo this bike out and find out how much weight and how many creaks can be saved by going with a 3" plus tires. 
- Choose the wheelset you want for the ride you're doing. Why have two bikes when one gives you all of the flexility you are asking for? 
- What tires will be a treat for other endeavors you might want this bike to join you in doing? Bikepacking is in the back of your mind, adventure riding, and floating over snow in the winter can be on your to-do list. 

Our lead times are ~4 weeks from the date of confirmation until the day you roll away on your new bike and 8-12 weeks if the frame is painted. Now is a perfect time to be thinking about spring and the events you would like to do on the bike that you want to see come to life.  

Tell us what kind of riding you want to do and we'll offer our experiences and many years of expertise to help you make a well-informed decision. We'll also show you how you don't have to compromise and be the happiest rider out there. Email us at connect@rideheadquarters.com for more information!

622 SLX Disc: How combining titanium, carbon, thru-axles, disc brakes, and Di2 makes a super performance bike

At Ride Headquarters we all work together with you to bring your dream bike to life.  It is a holistic process where you, we, and our suppliers all collaborate.  Not only is it incredibly rewarding for us, but you get a bike that looks, feels, and rides exactly the way you want it to.

In 2017, we delivered a number of amazing new bikes. One that stood out was Harvard, Massachusetts cyclist Mark G's 622 SLX. Mark's 622 SLX is a performance road machine with the newest technology, classic style, and several unique features.  This bike incorporates many of Seven's coolest design features such as their new thru-axle dropouts, carbon-titanium frameset, road geometry, clean aesthetic with internally routed Di2 wires, and road disc brakes. Like all Seven bikes, it is a completely custom bicycle with the geometry, tubing, and frame features selected specifically for Mark based on his wants and needs.

As Mark describes his bike: "The more I ride it, the more I notice and appreciate the many nuances and refinement. The manner in which the bike responds to input is simply a joy. Such precise and immediate response is doubly amazing when measured against how damped the frame is on very fast descents." 

We sat down with Mark to share his story and hear what inspired his choices.  

 This is the 622 SLX that Mark describes as "stable, nimble, and responsive all at the same time."

This is the 622 SLX that Mark describes as "stable, nimble, and responsive all at the same time."

Mark's Build Kit

  • Frame: Seven 622 SLX, Custom
    • 44mm Headtube
    • Electronic Internal Wiring System
    • Seven Max 45 Thru Axle Fork
  • Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9170 Group
    • BB-R9100 Bottom Bracket, English
    • 52x39, custom chain ring combination
    • R9170 11 speed electronic/hydraulic levers with flat mount caliper brake
    • R9100 Front and Rear Derailleurs
    • CS-9100 Cassette, 12-28 tooth
  • Wheelset
    • ENVE 3.4 Disc Wheels, tubeless ready, thru axle
    • Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Tires
  • Support Package
    • Seven aluminum 3D forged ultralight stem
    • Seven aluminum ergo bend ultralight handlebars
    • Fizik R3 Cyrano aluminum seatpost
  • Contact Points
    • Selle Italia SLR Saddle, titanium rails
    • Fizik Endurance Tacky handlebar tape
    • Shimano Dura Ace Pedals

Cal: Mark, how did you become a cyclist? And what inspires you to ride?

Mark: Like most kids, you start when you are 4 years old and you ride your bike everywhere – that’s your little peace of freedom. I actually got into the whole road riding thing from mountain biking. I was racing with a group that was fairly competitive and we all started riding on the road to get better results in the woods. Before I knew it, I was road riding all the time. I just enjoy it. I enjoy the competitive nature of it and it’s a great way for my wife and I to spend time together.

Cal: What led you to Ride Headquarters?

Mark: Back when I was racing in the woods, Merlin was an up and coming company. My first real mountain bike was a Merlin Standard Mountain. Then when I started racing on the road I ended up with an Extralight. And then I had an old Surly Cross Check that I was commuting on for a really long time that ended up needing to be replaced. So I started looking around at who was making really nice cross bikes. And Seven stood out. The designer of the Merlins which I had I enjoyed so much works at Seven, so I went in trusting the design would be good with a Seven. Knowing the staff of Ride HQ has many years of experience working with Seven Cycles and selling Seven's bikes brought me here.

 Seven's signature thru-axle dropouts are exceptionally strong and well designed. Never worry about a broken derailleur hanger again with this titanium hanger.    

Seven's signature thru-axle dropouts are exceptionally strong and well designed. Never worry about a broken derailleur hanger again with this titanium hanger.   

Cal: When looking for your new bike what inspired your choices? Did you consider other options?

Mark: I looked around quite a bit. Initially I had a bias towards Seven but I definitely looked around. There was such a huge technology change in the last year. I knew that I wanted to have road disc brakes, thru axles and electronic shifting. 

I investigated who was building bikes that were interesting, better than what I had. There are people doing some crazy carbon/titanium hybrids out on the west coast. So I looked at that stuff but nobody really had the whole package that Seven did. Some of it was either questionable or wasn’t as fully thought out. But when I looked at the Seven 622 SLX, I started to understand what they were doing. Other companies had similar kinds of concepts but they didn’t take it the whole way. And so I was looking at the philosophy Seven had for building bikes and the technology they were using. All of those things combined, after looking at everything and looking at everybody, it was clear that Seven was one of the few companies, maybe the only company, who had a solid solution. There are a lot of frame makers out there but every other one had a question mark.

 Mark opted for a unique chainring combination of 52x39 with a 12-28 tooth cassette.

Mark opted for a unique chainring combination of 52x39 with a 12-28 tooth cassette.

Cal: What was the process like working with Ride Headquarters?

Mark: It’s been great. No matter what bike you get it has to fit. Just going through the fitting process and experiencing the end result, I have the utmost confidence in Ride HQ. Now my bike feels like an extension of myself. It’s just so comfortable. Part of it is the machine but also my position on the bike – I couldn’t have asked for a better fit.

I took the test bike out for almost two hours. I rode it in one direction until I felt I had an understanding of the bike.  I got on the 622 and said I’m not turning around until I understand how the bike should feel. I probably rode it for over an hour before I starting heading back. It was really eye opening. 

 The clean interface between the flat-mount Dura Ace 9170 hydraulic   caliper and Seven's titanium dropouts make for confidence in braking power, stiffness in the rear of the bike, and is indicative of all of the quality control and precise tolerances Seven incorporates into each of their frames.    

The clean interface between the flat-mount Dura Ace 9170 hydraulic caliper and Seven's titanium dropouts make for confidence in braking power, stiffness in the rear of the bike, and is indicative of all of the quality control and precise tolerances Seven incorporates into each of their frames.   

Cal: How does the new bike ride?

Mark: I have over 600 miles on it as of this morning. The frame itself, the whole platform, is just so efficient. The wheels are very, very reactive. It is really eye opening. You notice it the first time you go to ride a hill and you stand – the bike is already waiting for your next pedal stroke!

 Mark and his 622 SLX regularly ride the hills in and around Harvard. 

Mark and his 622 SLX regularly ride the hills in and around Harvard. 

If you'd like further information about this or other bikes, just ask. There is so much more to custom than geometry. This is perfect time to be dreaming up an awesome bike to be riding this spring! Email us at connect@rideheadquarters.com

Seven Cycles Meet the Builders Day at Ride Headquarters

Saturday, October 7 is a special day at Ride Headquarters: we're fortunate to have Seven Cycles here from 11am-5pm! This is an extremely unusual opportunity to see into the world of bike building, especially how it happens at Seven by the many good people who bring Seven Cycles' incredible frames to life.

Why come out?

  • Meet the builders

  • It’s better than a factory tour

  • See unique bikes, project bikes, prototype bikes & new 2018 models

  • Special edition sales promotions just for attendees

  • Receive Seven Cycles literature

  • Seven soft goods available

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.04.28 PM.png

Meet the builders

Meet the Seven Cycles' bike builders and hear all about what they do, how they do it, and ask all of the questions you have about how Seven creates such highly customized, incredible bikes efficiently.

Seven will show how they offer so many customizations, frame features, designs, and models. This is a special opportunity to talk with their designers, machinists, welders and finishers, the people who bring great frames to life there. Seven's founder and President will also be in attendance and will share his insights with you.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 7.49.12 AM.png

It’s better than a factory tour

Factory tours of Seven are fun to see all of the raw materials, the cool machines, the 5” thick chain stay design binder, and arcs coming from the welding torches. However, it’s impossible to stop and speak with the people who are working hard to build the bikes while they are in the factory. During the Seven Cycles day here, this is time when you can ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and get in-depth answers. It’s almost never possible to be in an environment where you can speak at length about bike design and bike building.

The frame builders will be demonstrating some of the steps live and in person, from frame drawings to tube samples, polishing, and the mathematical intricacies of frame design. They will be bringing raw materials so you can see what they begin with and the end result. You can feel lightweight titanium tubing, understand how well built their carbon tubes are, and see their lugs prior to being welded into a frameset.

Forum with the frame builders 1pm-2pm

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.03.47 PM.png

At 1pm in the afternoon we're hosting an interactive panel discussion with the Seven team who will discuss bringing dream bikes to life. We ask for you to RSVP for this portion, at least, so we have proper seating available during this time.



See unique bikes, project bikes, prototype bikes & new 2018 models

The bikes on display during this event are unusual and cool. Expect to see a lot of bikes rarely seen in the world. Seven’s Editions-of-One bikes will be here. This includes the Berliner bike, Project Pioneer Bike, and Special Edition Chris King bike. Some of Seven's finest show bikes will be here. Check out Seven’s newest bike model, a super commuter bike with Rohloff internally geared hub, belt-drive bikes, new concept fat bike, some of the coolest road bikes Seven has built, and other drool-worthy bikes.

Special edition sales promotions just for attendees

For this event only, we have unique product offerings and specials that are compelling; you'll want to know about these. The specials we have for you are meant to be useful and offer enough variety so that you’re likely to be able to take advantage of one of them.

If you’re already a Seven bike owner, we have two special offers just for you. Come out to see what we have for you!

Receive Seven Cycles literature

Seven puts great thought into everything they do. They have shared a lot of their ideas in writing, which will be available here during this event. Take any or all of these home with you:

  • Seven’s 2017/2018 brochure-
  • Seven’s 2018 bike catalog
  • Seven’s Technical Supplement: Entirely updated for 2018
  • Seven’s booklet about Women’s Specific Design Philosophy
  • Seven’s Custom Kit - Everything you could want to know about the extent to which Seven can customize each bike

Morning group rides! Come out and ride: Mixed Terrain & Road options

At 9am, we are hosting our weekly Mixed Terrain Ride which is 15 miles in and near Sherborn on terrific trails and quiet roads.

At 9:30am, we're hosting a 36-mile road Ice Cream Prestige ride. Two speed options are available. Both of these rides are being led by our terrific Super Domestiques will return just after the start of this event.

Seven Cycles soft goods available

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 3.47.22 PM.png

Seven is bringing caps, jerseys, water bottles, and many other soft goods. This is a great chance to pick up some cool Seven-branded stuff! If you want anything else from Seven such as their titanium seatposts or other components, let us know so we can get those on order for you and possibly have them here by Saturday.

Demo rides

This sort of event is typically tied to demo riding opportunities. We have a huge fleet of Seven demo bikes and we offer demo rides seven-days a week anytime you'd like to ride. When you RSVP, below, you'll have a chance to tell us you'd like to demo bikes and we'll schedule this with you. If you'd like to take out a demo bike for any of our group rides, just let us know that and we'll get you riding.

Food, drink, family-friendly

We'll be serving refreshments all day. This is a family-friendly event; bring the kids, and your cycling or non-cycling friends and family members. It'll be really interesting to be part of this day for all.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.05.44 PM.png


We want to supply plenty of refreshments for everyone throughout the day and have proper seating for the 1pm Forum panel discussion. Please RSVP so we know to expect you!

Name *
Will you be attending the Forum at 1pm? *
Please let us know if you'll be here for the forum discussion so we can plan on seating arrangements.
Would you like to be notified of our next Seven Cycles Group Tour of the factory?
Would you like to demo ride a Seven Cycles bike?



Spring Classics Wrap-Up Party - Happening Here Friday, April 28 - 7pm

Please RSVP Now!

Name *

The Ride Headquarters Spring Classics Series has come to a close! It has been an awesome six weeks of epic rides and great camaraderie.  Our participants braved harsh elements, rough roads and fierce competition. Everyone is to be commended for great riding all around.

We'd like to commemorate the end of the series with a party this coming Friday, April 28th at 7pm. We'll be awarding prizes and recapping some of the highlights from each stage.

Everyone is welcome, even if you did not participate in the ride series.  Bring your friends and family. We'll have refreshments and hors d'oevures for all.  Please RSVP here.












Competition Final Results

Men's Stage Points Competition

Place Handle Stage 6 Points Stage 5 Points Stage 4 Points Stage 3 Points Stage 2 Points Stage 1 Points Total
1.) Tucker W. 64 90 100 100 90 39 483
2.) jmangieri 100 80 70 60 42 100 452
3.) Chris D. 44 95 80 70 80 81 450
4.) Phillip Stern 100 100 46 48 46 72 412
5.) Robbie 3 19 90 80 100 49 341
6.) Andrew U 52 60 44 38 32 74 300
7.) Martin H 21 55 42 42 36 43 239
8.) Darren Garnier 40 47 20 20 10 70 207
9.) TimM 49 53 20 20 10 51 203
10.) kklasman 63 32 20 20 16 45 196
11.) LeonPalandjian 35 24 50 40 38 1 188
12.) WesTate 3 5 48 46 44 38 184
13.) Cal 19 50 20 44 28 20 181
14.) JayS. 54 38 20 20 10 36 178
15.) jaytheskier 19 5 20 20 48 48 160
16.) Walter T 22 21 20 34 40 21 158
17.) Andrew L 3 5 20 50 50 27 155
18.) Janders 6 5 60 32 34 17 154
19.) Joe Marinelli 3 5 20 20 60 38 146
20.) Dustin Weigl 3 5 20 90 10 1 129
21.) pincince 11 25 40 28 20 1 125
22.) gregonabike 3 5 20 30 24 39 121
23.) Seth Porter 3 5 20 20 70 1 119
24.) stnphoto 11 17 20 20 18 29 115
25.) M_A_T 3 5 20 36 26 24 114
26.) Chauncy 40 13 20 20 10 1 104
27.) myth_jimmy 3 5 20 20 22 32 102
28.) Jon Doyle 3 5 20 20 10 43 101
29.) Lentamentalisk 11 15 20 20 10 22 98
30.) BradDutton 21 26 20 20 10 1 98
31.) Roger 3 13 20 20 10 28 94
32.) Mark 3 35 20 20 10 1 89
33.) JohnLees 14 22 20 20 10 1 87
34.) Nick_NE 3 5 20 24 10 17 79
35.) Pete Yoest 3 5 20 20 30 1 79
36.) jkerbs 12 14 20 20 10 1 77
37.) JJ Cobb 3 20 20 20 10 1 74
38.) James Smith 3 5 20 26 14 1 69
39.) Mike Dietrich 3 5 20 22 10 1 61
40.) Doug Cornelius 3 5 20 20 12 1 61
41.) Bob W. 3 6 20 20 10 1 60

Women's Stage Points Competition

Place Handle Stage 6 Stage 5 Stage 4 Stage 3 Points Stage 2 Points Stage 1 Points Total
1.) ChristinaCarvey 100 97 90 100 80 44 511
2.) IMK 86 54 80 90 90 100 500
3.) LaneMarder 76 100 100 50 100 63 489
4.) Jenny 42 88 70 60 70 31 361
5.) AprilRicciardone 42 7 60 80 60 6 255
6.) CapeCat 9 13 50 70 50 30 222

Men's Spirit Competition

Place Name Spirit Stage 1 Spirt Stage 2 Spirit Stage 3 Spirit Stage 4 Spirit Stage 5 Stage 6 Referall Bonus Total
1.) TuckerWetmore 66 58 53 66 66 66 200 575
2.) Andrewu 39 43 44 46 42 55 150 419
3.) PhillipStern 36 42 46 47 58 64 293
4.) MartinH 47 50 46 44 45 49 281
5.) jmangieri 37 42 43 43 46 33 244
6.) LeonPalandjian 0 40 40 38 61 63 242
7.) Janders 37 53 50 43 14 33 230
8.) MangoNut 33 33 33 33 33 33 198
9.) Robbie 33 33 45 33 44 0 188
10.) AndrewL 53 66 66 0 0 0 185
11.) WalterT 33 52 33 0 33 33 184
12.) Wes Tate 33 33 46 33 0 33 178
13.) kklasman 50 52 0 0 33 33 168
14.) Cal 33 33 33 0 33 33 165
15.) pincince 0 33 33 33 33 33 165
16.) jaytheskier 33 63 0 0 33 33 162
17.) DarrenGarnier 33 39 0 0 41 39 152
18.) Lentamentalisk 60 0 0 0 33 33 126
19.) gregonabike 41 33 47 0 0 0 121
20.) JamesSmith 39 41 33 0 0 0 113
21.) stnphoto 38 40 0 0 0 33 111
22.) M_A_T 33 39 33 0 0 0 105
23.) JoeMarinelli 51 52 0 0 0 0 103
24.) TimM 33 0 0 0 33 33 99
25.) JayS. 33 0 0 0 33 33 99
25.) Roger 33 0 0 0 33 33 99
25.) Chauncy 33 0 0 0 33 33 99
22.) myth_jimmy 56 42 0 0 0 0 98
25.) Nick_NE 33 0 33 0 0 0 66
25.) Mike Dietrich 0 0 33 0 33 0 66
31.) BradDutton 0 0 0 0 33 33 66
31.) jkerbs 0 0 0 0 33 33 66
31.) JohnLees 0 0 0 0 33 33 66
31.) SethPorter 0 33 0 0 0 0 33
31.) PeteYoest 0 33 0 0 0 0 33
31.) DougCornelius 0 33 0 0 0 0 33
31.) JonDoyle 33 0 0 0 0 0 33
31.) Mark 0 0 0 0 33 0 33
31.) JJ Cobb 0 0 0 0 33 0 33
31.) Bob W. 0 0 0 0 33 0 33

Women's Spirit Competition

Place Handle Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Referal Bonus Total
1.) Jenny 39 64 53 63 66 66 200 551
2.) LaneMarder 33 66 33 66 60 56 150 464
3.) ChristinaCarvey 33 48 41 53 45 55 100 375
4.) IMK 33 33 33 56 33 56 244
5.) AprilRicciardone 33 33 33 33 33 33 198
6.) CapeCat 33 0 40 0 33 33 139

Men's General Classification

Place Handle Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Referal Bonus Total
1.) Tucker W. 105 148 153 166 156 130 200 1058
2.) Phillip Stern 108 88 124 93 158 164 735
3.) Andrewu 113 75 82 90 102 107 150 719
4.) jmangieri 137 84 103 113 126 133 696
5.) Chris D 114 113 103 113 128 77 648
6.) Robbie 82 133 125 123 63 3 529
7.) MartinH 90 86 88 86 100 70 520
8.) LeonPalandjian 1 78 80 88 85 98 430
9.) Janders 54 87 67 103 19 39 369
10.) kklasman 95 68 20 20 65 96 364
11.) DarrenGarnier 103 49 20 20 88 79 359
12.) Cal 53 61 77 20 83 52 346
13.) WalterT 54 92 69 20 54 55 344
14.) AndrewL 80 116 116 20 5 3 340
15.) Organs 71 77 79 81 5 3 316
16.) pincince 1 53 77 73 58 44 306
17.) TimM 84 10 20 20 86 82 302
18.) jaytheskier 81 111 20 20 5 52 289
19.) JayS. 69 10 20 20 71 87 277
20.) stnphoto 67 58 20 20 50 44 259
21.) Chauncy 82 10 20 20 46 73 251
22.) JoeMarinelli 89 112 20 20 5 3 249
23.) gregonabike 80 57 82 20 5 3 247
24.) Lentamentalisk 82 10 20 20 48 44 224
25.) M_A_T 57 65 69 20 5 3 219
26.) myth_jimmy 88 64 20 20 5 3 200
27.) Roger 61 10 20 20 46 36 193
28.) JamesSmith 40 55 61 20 5 3 184
29.) BradDutton 1 10 20 20 59 54 164
30.) Dustin Weigl 1 10 123 20 5 3 162
31.) JohnLees 1 10 20 20 55 47 153
32.) SethPorter 1 103 20 20 5 3 152
33.) Nick_NE 50 10 59 20 5 3 147
34.) jkerbs 1 10 20 20 47 45 143
35.) JonDoyle 76 10 20 20 5 3 134
36.) Mark 1 10 20 20 68 3 122
37.) PeteYoest 1 63 20 20 5 3 112
38.) JJ Cobb 1 10 20 20 53 3 107
39.) DougCornelius 1 45 20 20 5 3 94
40.) Mike Dietrich 1 10 55 20 5 3 94
41.) Bob W. 1 10 20 20 39 3 93

Women's General Classification

Place Handle Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Referral Bonus Total
1.) LaneMarder 96 166 83 166 160 132 150 953
3.) Jenny 70 134 113 133 154 108 200 912
2.) ChristinaCarvey 77 128 141 143 142 155 100 886
4.) IMK 133 123 123 136 87 142 0 744
5.) AprilRicciardone 39 93 110 93 40 75 0 450
6.) CapeCat 63 50 120 50 46 42 0 371

Boston Bike Builder Bash

Boston Bike Builder Bash

A Once In A Lifetime Event:  Boston's Best Builders All Together

Join us for a celebration and appreciation of the local bike building scene, what HQ is calling the Boston Bike Builder Bash -- the B4.  Calling these builders "local" is a slight because they are each internationally known and have a global following.  In fact, Boston has the most vibrant bike artisan landscape in America -- maybe the world.  Come check out why that's so.  This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the country's best builders all in one place!

When: Saturday, June 3, 7:00 pm doors open

Where: Ride Headquarters, 11 South Main St, Sherborn, MA 01770

Winning Winter: Wearing the Right Clothes

Much of the fun of winter cycling comes from being outside pedaling with the thrill of an adventure, and the discovery that winter cycling can be quite comfortable and enjoyable. It's all a matter of dressing appropriately. You'll find that one of the bigger issues of cold-weather cycling comes in the form of over heating and then subsequent freezing. Prevent over-heating or freezing with the right clothes, and a very unique, unforgettably fun cycling experience ensues.


Here is what we recommend wearing. We get these recommendations directly from personal experience. We love winter riding and have done quite a bit of it. So, we've tried a lot and have arrived at tried-and-true recommendations. The winter of two years ago, with many feet of snow, found us outside riding frequently. The more it snows, the more we are excited about riding outside in it. 

Fingers and Toes

What freezes first and is most painful if not properly dressed? Almost everyone agrees it's the poor fingers and toes. Fortunately, there are perfectly cozy fixes to make them happy.

 45NRTH knows winter riding and the best possible attire for it. We've got a full size range of their boots in stock. The Wolvhammer model is the most perfectly suited to New England winter riding.

45NRTH knows winter riding and the best possible attire for it. We've got a full size range of their boots in stock. The Wolvhammer model is the most perfectly suited to New England winter riding.

Boots are significantly better than shoe covers to keep your feet warm. One reason why feet freeze so quickly in the cold is that the cold air quickly penetrates the thin sole of a cycling shoe, especially where the cleat is attached. These boots make a huge difference in warmth and they are light and move well so that pedaling is still easy.

For gloves, fingers stay warm if they're together. For this reason, we recommend 45NRTH 4-finger gloves with liners and Pearl Izumi lobster gloves. These gloves allow plenty of dexterity for shifting on drop-bar and flat-bar bikes. 

 The Pearl Izumi P.R.O. AmFib Lobster Glove keeps fingers together, and very warm.

The Pearl Izumi P.R.O. AmFib Lobster Glove keeps fingers together, and very warm.

 The 45NRTH Sturmfist 4-finger gloves even include merino wool liner gloves to be worn underneath.

The 45NRTH Sturmfist 4-finger gloves even include merino wool liner gloves to be worn underneath.

Our product testers who have the most sensitive hands and who have Raynaud's have found these gloves to do the trick to keeping hands warm for long, 3+ hour cold-weather rides. We suggest sizing up to allow for more room for fingers to move around within the gloves and a bigger chamber for warm air to reside.

Keep Your Noggin and Surrounding Parts Warm

A big source for heat loss comes from your head. And your sensitive ears, being affixed to your head, really need to be kept warm, too. We suggest a comfortable wool cycling cap that is made to be worn under a helmet. Separately, use a neck warmer to cover your neck, mouth, and nose, depending on how cold it is. It's useful that these two things are separate since it's often necessary to use them in different ways during the course of a single ride. Start really well bundled up, and have the ability to move things around as the ride progresses and you warm up. 

 We designed a 3-season wool cap for the purposes of keeping your head warm, ears properly covered, and a bill to keep the elements off of your eyes. It fits well under a helmet, too.

We designed a 3-season wool cap for the purposes of keeping your head warm, ears properly covered, and a bill to keep the elements off of your eyes. It fits well under a helmet, too.

A neck warmer is best if it's wool. Like everything 45NRTH produces, their Blowtorch gaiter is wonderful in its simplicity and effective in keeping comfort levels high on a ride. 

Limit the Layers

As nice as layering is, it's not always beneficial to layer too much. There is a fine balance between temperature control, breatheability, and feeling constrained, and uncomfortable. 

The easy solution to this dilemma is to invest in a winter jacket and winter bib tights with a built-in chamois. 


Take this supremely comfortable, very innovative jacket made by Velocio. It's warm. And it breathes well. It's been created with the idea in mind that a single layer under it is all that is necessary on the coldest days. Imagine not having to get a whole bunch of layers gross and sweaty. Keep the laundry pile small, and discover the joy of putting on a warm jacket that has proper temperature control in mind for the duration of any pace bike ride. 

 The women's Velocio tights are made as comfortable and cozy as the men's with the addition of a rear zipper. The zipper allows for quick nature breaks without having to completely disrobe. This is a game changer for women who love to ride in winter. 

The women's Velocio tights are made as comfortable and cozy as the men's with the addition of a rear zipper. The zipper allows for quick nature breaks without having to completely disrobe. This is a game changer for women who love to ride in winter. 

If you haven't experienced the sheer pleasure of putting on winter tights with nothing underneath them, you have to do it to know just how great it feels. The fuzzy inside of the tights is instant warmth, comfort, and the chamois is arguably the most comfortable chamois on the cycling market today. You'll want to run outside and play in the snow the moment you put these on! If you're used to wearing tights over a pair of cycling shorts or bibs, you'll see how much extra compression and discomfort is introduced as a result of wearing too many layers. Try these and you'll find you're looking forward to cold days to have an excuse to put them on. 

45NRTH has introduced an apparel line, the Naughtvind, for this winter that has cold and protection in mind. They have a very protective jacket, full pants, and thermal bib tights with chamois built in. 45NRTH is used to riding and designing apparel and equipment for Minnesota winters. Everything they produce is very high-quality and well thought-out. We and Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington are two of very few 45NRTH apparel dealers in all of New England. Check out their stuff on our shelves.

That's all there is to dressing for the winter. The basic concepts are:

  • Invest in a few, key pieces of clothing that are built for winter cycling. There is a noticeable difference between good winter clothes and great winter cycling clothes.
  • Take especially good care of your fingers, toes, and ears. Suffering in the cold is not only painful, it's dangerous, and unnecessary.
  • When in doubt, go up a size. Having more room for warm air inside your clothes whether we're talking about gloves, boots, or jacket, is always a good thing.
  • There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. We look forward to the winter and the riding we get to do in fresh snow every year. The reason is that it's fun, always a memorable experience with friends, and not something we do out of any need to suffer.

Grand Opening Donations Distributed and Ongoing Effort Continues

What feels like yesterday, though was at the end of August, our Grand Opening was a fantastic day and event. The best part of it was how much money the raffle and silent auction earned for MassBike, the Sherborn Forest and Trail Association, and NEMBA. These organizations all make amazing riding in our area more prevalent, more accessible, and safer. They are advocates, they educate cyclists and the public, they get out there and do work to clear trails, to make trails, and so much more.

Don't forget our terrific suppliers who donated the very high-quality items that were prizes for the raffle, making all of this possible. 

We sold 191 raffle tickets at $5 a piece. We matched the raffle ticket sales which totaled $1,910. This equated to a $636 donation to each organization. MassBike ran a separate silent auction which raised an additional $400. All of the funds have been distributed to these very worthy organizations.

We'd like to encourage you to become a member of MassBike, NEMBA, and the Sherborn Forest and Trails Association.

You'll find the current NEMBA magazine and the Sherborn Trail Maps and membership form here on our community table, and we have MassBike water bottles which, when purchased, offers you MassBike membership.

As always, our hot coffee and tea are here free for you. You'll find a tip jar near the coffee. All tips collected here are currently going to the Sherborn Forest and Trails! We'll rotate the recipient of these funds each time $500 in donations has been accumulated for one. 

 Just a few hours of coffee consumption earns good money to the work of Sherborn Forest and Trails!

Just a few hours of coffee consumption earns good money to the work of Sherborn Forest and Trails!

Get Your Fat Bike Before the Snow Hits

Fat bikes are a good solution to embracing the coming winter. Many winter fat bikers have found year-round use for their bikes. It's much more common to see them in more typical mtn bike areas.

 This Seven Cycles titanium Treeline SL is equipped with a Rohloff hub and Gates belt for clean, simple operation in the snow of winter and on beaches in the summer.

This Seven Cycles titanium Treeline SL is equipped with a Rohloff hub and Gates belt for clean, simple operation in the snow of winter and on beaches in the summer.

We have a special fat bike offer for you: If you order a Seven Cycles Treeline fat bike, we'll kick in a second set of wheels free. If you get a Honey Bike OffTrail fat bike, we'll cover 50% of the cost of a second set of wheels. This way, one set of wheels can be outfitted with studded tires and the other set can be your ideal mtn tires. This offer is good through orders placed through December 1, 2016.

 Honey's OffTrail fat bike is a lightweight steel bike that offers a well-constructed frame and the gearing and contact points of your choosing.

Honey's OffTrail fat bike is a lightweight steel bike that offers a well-constructed frame and the gearing and contact points of your choosing.

The lead time on an unpainted Seven titanium frame is 3 weeks (ride before the snow hits!) and the lead time on a painted Seven or Honey is 5 weeks from the date of confirmation. 

Taking on the Winter by Bike

Every winter, we look forward to the snow. Riding in the snow, in the dark, on- and off- road is not something we do because we're trying to prove anything or show how tough we are. It's genuinely fun to be outside in the snow. Maybe it's just us extending our childhood of playing in the snow, and being able to couple this with spending time with our riding friends. 

Winter riding simply involves having the right clothes, tires, and pedals. There are many options for each and maybe surprisingly, snow and winter riding often results in the funnest rides of the year.  

We'll be talking about winter riding a lot here since there is a lot to say. 

For starters, we want you to be sure to get ready for the great winter rides we have in store. When the snow hits, it's too late to start getting you and your bike ready.

Here is a winter prep checklist:

1. Get all of your winter clothes out and see what's missing. Here's what's necessary:

  • Hat that fits under your helmet, make sure your ears are covered
  • Neck gaitor 
  • Base layer
  • Long-sleeve jersey or Short Sleeve jersey with arm warmers
  • Jacket
  • Winter tights
  • Wool socks, make sure they fit in your shoes
  • Shoe covers, or, better yet for much more warmth: winter shoes
  • Winter gloves. Lobster gloves or 4-finger gloves work particularly well

2a. Get a set of studded tires. This way, there will never be a day all winter when it's too icy to ride. There are 30c knobby studded tire options and 38c knobby tires that ride well, aren't too heavy - yes, studded tires are heavier than what you're used to riding, but they can have a nice ride quality, too. 

2b. Consider a large diameter tire as in those that are found on fat bikes. Fat bikes with huge tires feel like they float over the snow. They are fun bikes! Fat bikes don't move quite as fast as bikes with skinnier tires, but less wind equates to a warmer ride. We have demo fat bikes for you to ride, just ask us to take one out!

We also have a special running to help you get on a fat bike: check out the details here.

3. Make sure your bike doesn't have road pedals. Mtn bike clipless pedals are easy to use in all weather. Most winter boots are compatible with mtn cleats/pedals. Some people prefer not to be clipped in to pedals in bad weather. There are very good platform pedals made for winter riding.

4. With so little light available, the chances of wanting to ride in the dark or getting caught out riding in the dark are very good. We suggest a nice headlight that you can simply keep charged and on your handlebars and a rear blinky.  

Questions on the best equipment for winter riding? We've done a lot of winter riding and have been part of many cold adventure rides. Ask us whatever you want to know!  Email: connect@rideheadquarters.com


Seven Cycles RedSky Bike - The Everything Bike For You

Very Special Promotion: Seven Cycles RedSky Bike

Meet the Seven RedSky bike, Seven’s newest bike model.

We are offering you a full build with 30% off Shimano Dura-Ace 9000* components! This offer is over a $1,250 discount to getting you on this incredible Seven Cycles bike. The deadline to order a bike and take advantage of this offer is December 1.

Here is a short summary of the RedSky bike:

The RedSky bike is a light-weight, pure performance bike with a large amount of versatility usually assumed to only be possible on disc-brake bikes.

Why the name?  A “red sky” in the morning means there is a storm warning.  Rather than be off the bike for the day, the RedSky looks for those days and relishes the ride.  Harsh conditions require the right bike.  RedSky is that bike.

  • Lightweight:  A typical RedSky builds up at 1.5 to 2.0 lbs lighter than an equivalent disc brakebike.  The bike is the same weight as any lightweight road bike; the mid-reach brake calipers are only about 30 grams heavier than most lightweight short reach brakes.  The bike pictured tips the scales at 16.2 lbs with the MSO 32c tires; without pedals.
  • Tire Choices:  From a 23c road slick to a 33c knobby and everything in between, the RedSky is even more versatile than a true cyclocross bike.  The bike will also fit some 35c knobbies or slicks, depending on rim and brake caliper choice. This bike loves riding on dirt roads and trails.
  • All Weather:  Designed to fit fenders with up to 32c tires. Even 30c studded tires fit.
  • High Performance:  This design sacrifices nothing compared to any performance road bike.  It’s fast, agile, and accelerates with the best of bikes.
  • Optimal Handling:  Seven’s 5E fork allows for matching the fork rake to the frame geometry so there’s no compromise to the bike‘s front end handling.
  • Hidden Fender Mounts:  At dropouts and chainstay bridge.  The mounts are there when you want them, but hidden when you don’t. Adding rack mounts is a no-charge upgrade option.
  • Travel Bike:  Simple brake system makes for fast, easy, and lightweight bike travel. Any RedSky bike can be an S&S coupled bike for even easier traveling.

Our RedSky Offer to you is here. Note we will gladly make parts substitutions or offer you a quote for a different build you have in mind:

  • Frame: Seven Cycles RedSky S – Titanium frame
  • Fork: Seven Mid-Reach Carbon Fork
  • Components: Shimano Dura-Ace 9000*, mid-reach brakes, crank size and gearing your choice
  • Wheelset: Mavic Elite S
  • Support Package: Seven handlebars, stem, Zipp aluminum seatpost, Cane Creek headset, Fizik saddle and bar tape

Special Included Service and Support:

  • Professional Bike Build – a $413 value
  • Free service on the bike at either Ride Headquarters or Ride Studio Cafe for a full year
  • Free first Performance Package – a $150 value
  • Full professional fitting – a $225-$300 value

MSRP Price of the RedSky S: $7,542

Price of the RedSky S with Promotion Applied: $6,288

This is over $1,250 in savings!

Lead times with Seven are 3 weeks for an unpainted frame from the date of confirmation. Lead times on painted frames are 5 weeks .

* The offer for 30% off Shimano Dura-Ace parts is good until supplies last. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. The deadline on this offer is December 1.

Contact us for more details or to come in to demo ride our bikes to see why this is a bike that will change your riding life.


Evergreen S Promo for Your Fall and Winter Delight

The Seven Cycles Evergreen is a versatile bike that treats its riders to gravel riding enjoyment, it holds up in all weather and is equipped to run tires from 23c to 40c with room to spare. The Evergreen easily accepts whatever you'd like to have on it: fenders, rack, generator and light, and more making it a very enjoyable foul-weather companion.

Keep riding the Evergreen in the winter. Some of our favorite rides have been during snowfalls and on frozen trails. The addition of studded tires turns roads and trails of ice and snow into riding paradise. 

Have you been dreaming of such of a bike? Make it a reality while the riding is still great! From the date of confirmation, unpainted titanium bikes or ti/carbon bikes are on a 3-4 week delivery timeline!  

Special Evergreen Promo

If you order by October 31 of this year, in addition to getting the best bike on the market for you, you'll also receive your choice of the following:

- A set of 45NRTH 120tpi studded tires & tubes - $246 value.

- A men's or women's Velocio ES Softshell Jacket - $269 value.

- 45NRTH Japanther Winter Boots and 45NRTH Greasy Wool Cycling Cap - $265 value. 

With every complete bike we sell year-round, you receive the following free of charge: 

- A full year of professional mechanic work, whatever the bike needs.

- The bike's first Performance Package - which is our pro-level complete tune-up. $150 value.

- Full professional fitting with a professional bike fitter who has thousands of fits of experience. $225 value.

- The complete bike build. $413 value. 


What you get with an Evergreen S and our October Promo:

Here's what you get from us when you purchase a Seven Evergreen S outfitted with Shimano Ultegra 6800 components and cable-actuated disc brakes. Please note that you may choose any Evergreen from the Seven line, whichever brakes you like, and more. This is an example build.

Frameset: Seven Evergreen S with Seven Max 45 carbon disc fork

Kit: Shimano 6800 11-speed mechanical. Cable-actuated disc brakes. Price does not include pedals.

Wheelset: Mavic Ksyrium Disc

Standard Retail Price, including promo value: $6624

Total savings: $1,057

Your Price after Promo Applied, before tax: $5567

If you'd like to come in to demo Seven Evergreens, or ask us any questions, please email us at connect@rideheadquarters.com.


What is Ride Headquarters?

Our mission is to bring great bike riding of many varieties to you. We have what you need to have the best ride every time you go outside, at all times of the year. 

We sell road, mixed terrain, mountain, tandem, road race, fat, single speed, and cross race bikes. Our component and accessory selection in-store is best-in-class. The apparel we have will keep you riding comfortably every season of the year.

We work hard to bring the highest value riding experience to you. 


Expect friendly people at Ride Headquarters and service that is second to none. 

We look forward to seeing you here soon!