What if you Could Have Everything in One Bike?

When is the last time you saw a bike you liked, but wished for it to have bigger tire clearances, lighter weight, the frame size that is right for you, the speed and ability to roll over a variety of surfaces? Do you worry about buying a bike that will break early in its life? How many times have you had to concede when buying a bike, taking the color or components that you weren't excited about?

Why make compromises with your riding, considering how much cycling brings to your life in the way of enjoyment, health, time with others.  You know that accepting non-ideal bike features, functionality, and aesthetics translate to riding discomfort, being limited in the rides you can do, and even sacrificing your hea lth and safety. This isn't a stretch, this is the norm of what we see people contending with regularly. You can likely relate to at least a few of these. 

When you walk into Ride Headquarters, what you will see are some of the bikes that comprise our 40+ demo bike fleet. These demo bikes are examples of configurations of what is possible in a variety of sizes. What isn't obvious is that we have access to the equivalent of the largest warehouse in the world filled with thousands of bikes with no two being the same. One of the bikes in the warehouse has all of the features, functionality, fit, and aesthetic that is right for you. Just walk over to the right row and pick out this bike that catches your eye over all of the others. How fun is that? Essentially, this is what working with us to get a Seven Cycles or Honey bike is all about. 

By way of examples, here are some of the bikes Seven produces. The challenge to you is to remember each of these bikes can be modified such that it fits your criteria. 

Seven Cycles' Axiom Ultimate Disc Road Bike

2018-03-01 11.37.44.jpg

- When you want the fastest, stiffest road bike with disc brakes
- Too stiff means the bike doesn't get proper traction on the ground, and in New England, stiff in the vertical direction means feeling too much of the road. That has been managed with this bike. 
- Lightweight is not synonymous with disc brakes, but this bike keeps the performance and loses the weight and keeps the braking power and sleek design, too. 

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Seven Cycles' RedSky Endurance Bike


- When you usually want to ride on pavement, 25c tires are pleasing to you. But why have tire size limitations?
- Gravel rides are becoming more prevalent. Let your performance road bike take bigger tires for potential gravel rides or events, up to 33c knobby tires! 
- Caliper brakes and road wheels are light and performance-oriented. No need to add weight when you've been happy with road bikes all your life. Maybe you have a lot of rim-braking wheelsets at home that you would like to continue to use on your new bike. Go ahead! 

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Evergreen with XX Upgrade

Photo Jan 21, 8 28 25 AM.jpg

- Mixed terrain is your joy, you prefer to be off the beaten path than on, though this bike rides well on every surface you can find. 
- Disc brakes and tire clearances for 40c tires on 700c wheels means this bike doesn't know limits in foul conditions, easily fits capable tires for rough terrain, and studded tires for winter.
- You want to ride hard on trails, single track, and over rocks and roots. You need to be able to rely on your frame and components. How about the unbreakable derailleur hanger? Sounds like insurance for when you take the bike for a long adventure.
- You have no interest in being fatigued in position or with handling the bike because you are likely to want to take the bike for longer adventures and a more stable geometry with maximum power transfer gets you to where you want to go...even though you might not know where you're going when you head out.

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Evergreen Sevenduro 2x2 Scrambler


- You want to ride off-road and maximize tire width for the most technical riding with a rigid fork and drop-bar setup possible. 650B wheels with tires of 2.1" mounted are your riding nirvana. 
- You value short chain stays and tires as wide as 2.1" with room to spare.
- Maybe you want a fender with that biggest tire. You got it. 
- And, there are days you'd prefer to do more endurance gravel with a 700c wheelset and 40c or narrower tire. You got that, too. Just swap wheelsets and it's like two bikes in one. Or a lot of bikes in one. Infinite Evergreening experiences realized. 


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29" Mountain Race Bike


- You like to go fast. Really, really fast. You might even like mountain bike racing. A pure 29" mountain bike made with titanium frame and suspension fork, designed by Seven Cycles, is fast. Seven Cycles' founders are former expert- and pro-level mountain bike racers. Let them design your mountain bike. 
- You want a quick, nimble, awesome mountain bike. This trims out the excesses and is a light, fast bike.  

2x2: Plus Mountain Bike and 29" Mountain Bike in One 


- You want to go fast some days and be able to roll over everything in a more casual manner on others. Have two wheelsets, will travel. Will have fun. 
- Why ride a dual suspension bike? Demo this bike out and find out how much weight and how many creaks can be saved by going with a 3" plus tires. 
- Choose the wheelset you want for the ride you're doing. Why have two bikes when one gives you all of the flexility you are asking for? 
- What tires will be a treat for other endeavors you might want this bike to join you in doing? Bikepacking is in the back of your mind, adventure riding, and floating over snow in the winter can be on your to-do list. 

Our lead times are ~4 weeks from the date of confirmation until the day you roll away on your new bike and 8-12 weeks if the frame is painted. Now is a perfect time to be thinking about spring and the events you would like to do on the bike that you want to see come to life.  

Tell us what kind of riding you want to do and we'll offer our experiences and many years of expertise to help you make a well-informed decision. We'll also show you how you don't have to compromise and be the happiest rider out there. Email us at connect@rideheadquarters.com for more information!