Top Eight Ways to Improve Your Gravel Riding

Top Eight Ways to Improve Your Gravel Riding

Rasputitsa is the hallmark event of spring gravel cycling. Considering the numbers of people who pilgrimaged to the ride this past weekend, it’s obvious whatever weather and conditions, people are excited to join their friends, face a challenging course, and put their bodies and bikes to the test.


We were pleased to see so many of our riders out there conquering the course and the day. We enjoy hearing your stories and experiences.

Do you hear yourself saying any of these things? We have answers to what will make your gravel cycling life significantly better:

  • "The climbs were hard at Rasputitsa, but I was frightened on the descents." - We discuss how not to fear descents.

  • “My back hurt during the ride and reminded me of the ride well after it was over.” - Your body should only hurt in your muscles. Other pain on the bike shouldn’t exist.

  • “I was beaten up so badly, I didn't want to ride the next day.“ - It’s possible to have your bike roll over the bumps rather than jar you over bumps. You should want to get right back on your bike after a long, hard ride.

Read on to understand more on how to make your gravel riding significantly better than it already is…