Come Out to Ride! Weekend Rides Galore May 25-26

We’re looking forward to a beautiful weekend absolutely full of very fun bike riding! Here is what we have running from here over the weekend:

Saturday, May 25:

  • Doors open 7:45am, 8am rollout: 37-mile Road Ride, Sunshine Express - Two speeds: 15-16 mph and 17-18mph

  • 11am rollout: 2-2.5 hours, Mixed Terrain Ride, Beowulf Mixed Terrain - Ability level: Moderate, comfortable on trails, average around 16mph on roads, trail average speeds are much lower

  • 12pm rollout: 2 hours, The Gravel Ride Mixed Terrain- Ability level: New to trails, experienced on road bikes. This is the ride for your friends who don’t want to ride off pavement. Learn how to enjoy riding trails, dirt, around rocks, over roots.

Sunday, May 26:

  • Doors open at 8:30am for riders, 9am rollout: 2.5 hour Mountain Bike Ride - Ability Level: Fun-Moderate. For riders comfortable on trails but who aren’t trying to race the ride. No one gets dropped, all have fun. Mountain and fat bikes are appropriate for this ride.

Monday, May 27: We are open Mondays except holidays. We’re closed for Memorial Day.


Be advised OUR Red REFRIGERATOR is FULL of cold drinks, Ride Studio Cafe Cold Brew, and ice cream from Whole Foods is in the freezer.

Stop by on your ride for fresh, cold water, ice, hot coffee, iced coffee, bathrooms, a relaxing break, ride nutrition, air for your tires, lube for your chain…

Email us if you want to demo ride a stock Honey bike or custom Seven Cycles bike!