Music Festival at Ride Headquarters - Saturday, August 31

We are really excited to announce that Ride Headquarters is hosting the BONYCH Music Festival on Saturday, August 31.  Starting at 2 pm we’ll get the grill going for an epic BBQ.  Music from a five exceptional artists hailing from Boston, New York and Chicago will begin at 3 pm.


The musicians offer a wide range of creative aesthetics found in contemporary music, from purely improvised to compositionally based, from acoustic to completely electronic, represented by four sets of musicians. 

The musicians include the pioneering and legendary Ikue Mori, MacArthur prize winner Ken Vandermark, Chicago's Mars William and Steve Marquette, and Boston stalwart drummer Curt Newton.

The BONYCH Music Festival coincides with a stateside tour for Cinghiale and Steve Marquette, and will be the first performance by Ikue Mori in the Boston area in years. This will also be the first collaboration between Mori, Vandermark, and Newton.


BONYCH ticket donations are only $20 and include both the music and all day BBQ, something we know you won’t want to miss! Seating is limited.

Order tickets now!