The Ride Headquarters Spring Classics Series

Join us this spring as we summon the spirit of Europe's one day races with friendly competition and awesome rides. Prizes total over $7,000 in value! Starting this March, Ride Headquarters is hosting the Spring Classics Series, an event designed to inspire and challenge.  Square off against other local cycling heroes in competitions against the clock, the elements and the road.

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The start of the women's Ronde Van Vlandereen, Oudenaarde, Belgium. Photo by Ride HQ's Cal G, 2016.

Stage 1 Recap: 

We are thrilled with the results from Stage 1 of the series. We currently have close to sixty participants total. Temperatures over the weekend barely crept into the low 40s. Everyone who got out and rode is to be commended on their panache and fortitude. Several of you even completed century rides! Chapeau! 

Remember that your overall position in the Series is determined by a combination of points from the stage challenges as well as the spirit competition. You earn points not just through riding but also by posting photos on Instagram, referrals to our RideHQ mailing list, and by simply participating in each stage. 

Here are the General Classification standings for the men's field after Stage 1: 

Place Handle Distance Points Spirit Points IG Points GC
1.) jmangieri 148 100 33 4 137
2.) MangoNut 120 81 33 114
3.) Andrewu 110 74 33 6 113
4.) TigerMouth61 106 72 33 3 108
5.) TuckerWetmore 53 39 33 33 105
6.) DarrenGarnier 103 70 33 103
7.) kklasman 66 45 33 17 95
8.) MartinH 64 43 33 14 90
9.) JoeMarinelli 56 38 33 18 89
10.) TimM 76 51 33 84
11.) Chauncy 73 49 33 82
12.) Robbie 72 49 33 82
13.) Lentamentalisk 32 22 33 27 82
14.) gregonabike 58 39 33 8 80
15.) AndrewL 40 27 33 20 80
16.) JonDoyle 64 43 33 76
17.) Organs 56 38 33 71
18.) JayS. 54 36 33 69
19.) stnphoto 43 29 33 5 67
20.) Roger 42 28 33 61
21.) M_A_T 35 24 33 57
22.) WalterT 31 21 33 54
23.) Janders 25 17 33 4 54
24.) Cal 30 20 33 53
25.) Nick_NE 25 17 33 50
26.) myth_jimmy 21 14 33 47
27.) JamesSmith 1 1 33 6 40

And the standings for the women's field:

Place Handle Distance Points Spirit Points IG Points GC
1.) IlanaK 84 100 33 133
3.) LaneMarder 53 63 33 96
4.) ChristinaCarvey 37 44 33 77
2,) Jenny 26 31 33 6 70
5.) CapeCat 25 30 33 63
6.) AprilRicciardone 5 6 33 39
8.) Patria 0 6 33 39
9.) HannahRossi 0 6 6
9.) Sharon 0 6 6
9.) Ericarot 0 6 6

Stage 2 will bring our first time trial! 


This competition is open to everyone! Each weekend riders will take on a different course or challenge, accumulating points and prizes along the way. Some weekends we will challenge you to ride as far as you can in a test of endurance. Others will be in classic time trial formats across tough courses. Entrants will have three days to complete each stage. You are allowed to log multiple times and distances, but only the fastest/longest will count. If you miss a stage or join the competition late, don't worry, you are still able to participate. We begin on the weekend of Milan-San Remo and conclude with Liege-Bastogne-Liege.  

The Stage Challenges

The winner of each weekend's stage will receive 100 points, while all other finishers will be awarded points on a sliding scale.  Stage winners will receive a custom-embroidered Ride HQ t-shirt. The rider with the most points after the last stage will be awarded a Stages Power Meter. 

  • Stage 1 - La Classicissima (3/17-3/19): Milan-San Remo, a race that Eddy Merckx won an astounding 7 times. At 298 kilometers, it is longer than any other one day race on the calendar. And while it may be known as the sprinter's classic for its flat finish, some winners have managed to break away on the final climb of the Poggio and stay clear to victory. In the spirit of Milan-San Remo, we are challenging you not against the clock but against the road itself. It is early in the season, the weather unpredictable and the roads are pot-holed by winter. How far can you go? Points for this weekend will be awarded based not on the speed of your ride but upon the length of it. Longest ride wins!
  • Stage 2 - Gent-Bubblegum (3/24-3/26):  An early season race in Flanders, Gent-Wevelgem is a mostly flat course. Therefore, it is the wind and weather that often proves the most challenging for the riders. We are presenting our racers with a relatively flat course this weekend. But the New England weather may prove a challenge. This will be a pure time trial at a length of 24 miles.
  • Stage 3 - Flander's Finest (3/31-4/2):  The Ronde Van Vlandereen is known for steep cobbled climbs. The race is a matter of national pride for the people of the Flanders. In fact, many of the cobbled roads are protected by law as part of their cultural heritage. We are invoking the spirit of the Koppenberg and Oude Kwaremont by pitting you against some steep climbs of our own. Go out and hammer it, leg warmers not allowed. The course consists of three timed uphill sectors. Fastest time wins.  And don't forget to join us on Sunday, April 2nd at RideHQ where we will be live streaming De Ronde!
  • Stage 4 - L'enfer du Nord (4/7-4/9) :  Paris-Roubaix is the most famous of all the spring classics, and it holds a special place in cycling lore. Many a rider has seen their hopes and dreams dashed upon the cobbles. Crashes and punctures abound. And the route becomes doubly treacherous in the rain. While we may not have cobbled roads here in New England, we do have dirt and gravel. We have selected some fine sectors of tough roads for you this weekend. Will they be muddy and rutted? Choose your equipment wisely. The fastest rider over the three timed sectors wins! After your ride, join us at RHQ on Sunday, April 9th for a live viewing of Roubaix.
  • Stage 5 - The Walloon Arrow (4/14-4/16): The first of the Ardennes classics, La Fleche Wallonne includes three ascents of the iconic Mur de Huy. The slopes of the Belgian "wall" average at a 9% gradient with some sections getting as steep as 26%.  In homage to the Mur we are challenging our participants to test their climbing legs. The rider who logs the most  vertical ascent in a single ride will claim victory. 
  • Stage 6 - La Doyenne (4/21-4/23):  The most legendary edition of Liege-Bastogne-Liege came in 1980 when a terrible snow storm blanketed the course. Only 21 of the 174 riders who started that day finished. Bernhard Hinault, known as The Badger for his tenacity, won by over 10 minutes despite suffering frostbite to his hands. Rumor has it that even now his fingers still ache with the memory on cold days.  Why did Hinault continue on in such bad conditions and physical pain? Because one does not abandon a race when he is in the lead. We want to see how long you can stand up to the elements. The rider who logs the most combined miles between Friday and Sunday will win this weekend.

Paris-Roubaix 2015, photo by Ride HQ's Rob V.

The Spirit of the Classics Competition

Separate from the stage challenges we will also be awarding points for the Spirit of the Classics Competition. Participants can earn points in three ways: through our Instagram contest, by referring other riders to RideHQ and by participating in the individual stage challenges. Each weekend we'll be regramming your Instagrams on our @rideheadquarters account. Use the hashtag #RHQSpringClassics and be sure to mention @rideheadquarters for your Instagram to be noticed.  The photo that receives the most likes will win for that weekend. You can also earn points by introducing a new rider to the Spring Classics Ride Series and having them join our mailing list. Be sure they include your name in the comments field so you get the credit! Finally you can earn points just by participating in each weekend's stage. The winner of the Spirit competition will win a party night at RideHQ with their friends. 

The General Classification

The GC Competition is a combination of both the Stage Challenges and the Spirit of the Classics Competition.  The rider who totals the most combined points will receive $1,000 credit towards a new bike from Ride Headquarters! 

Prizes - awarded seperately for men's and women's competitions

The winner of each competition will receive a commemorative RideHQ Spring Classics Champion's Jersey valued at $250. 

  • General Classification 
    • 1st Place: $1,000 credit for a new Seven or Honey Bike from Ride HQ 
    • 2nd Place: You get Ride HQ for your very own Party Night
  • Stage Challenges
    • Individual Stage Winners - custom-embroidered Ride HQ t-shirt
    • 1st Place: Stages Power Meter
    • 2nd Place: Giordana Bib Shorts
  • Spirit of the Classics 
    • 1st Place: You Get Ride HQ for your very own Party Night
    • 2nd Place: Giordana Bib Shorts

Registration: Register for the Event on our Event Page! You must have a account (signing up is free) in order to participate. Please note that the routes have not been posted yet. All routes will be available the week before the individual stage challenges. 

Seven Cycles RedSky Promo

The Spring Classics, particularly Paris-Roubaix, have spurred the development of many innovations in cycling. The technical challenges of the courses require special bikes and equipment. Here at Ride Headquarters we offer the perfect bike to help you tackle the cobbles - The Seven Cycles RedSky.  And if you order your RedSky before the start of the Series you'll recieve a special upgrade! We're offering a credit for a second gravel wheelset at a value of 50% of the first wheelset you choose. 

Order your new Seven RedSky by February 11th, 2017 and receive it in time for the weekend of Milan-San Remo. 

This is a Seven Cycles RedSky PRO. It boasts 32c Teravail Lickskillet tires, and SRAM eTap grouppo. The frameset is titanium lugs with carbon tubeset for a very lightweight, silky smooth ride. 

Below is an example bike build to show you what you can get during this promo! Anything here can be substituted and prices adjusted accordingly. 

When you order a RedSky bike and two wheelsets, you'll get 1/2 off the second set! This example build, below, is a good example of what you might choose to get. Two wheelsets allows you to have a performance, fast bike and a foul-weather, ride-over-everything set. It's like two bikes in one!

If you'd like a build different from this, just ask us! We'll get a quote together for you. 

Frameset:Seven RedSky S, Custom Titanium
Fork: Seven 5E Medium Reach, Custom rake
Decals:Seven Black Reflective
Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra 6800
Brakes: Velo Orange Grand Cru
Cockpit: Shimano PRO Stem, PRO Handlebar, PRO Seatpost
Wheelset:Mavic Ksyrium Elite
Tires:25c Road Tires
2nd Pair of TiresTeravail Galena 32c
2nd wheelset at 1/2 offTough, Foul-weather pair
Professional Fitting IncludedValue: $225
Bike Build IncludedValue: $413
One Year LaborValue: Priceless
First Performance Package Free     Value: $150
Total Bike Price:$5,988
Total Savings:$1,159

Rules of the Stages

  1. Ride safely. We know you do this anyway: adhere to all rules of the road.
  2. You are allowed to ride with others during this series. We encourage you to experience the camaraderie and merriment of the Spring Classics. But remember, you will need to outclass your compatriots if you want to win!
  3. Agree to and sign the RHQ riding waiver, unless you have signed an RHQ waiver before, in which case you’re already covered.
  4. Ride on timeRide each stage within its assigned date range. See race info above for details.
  5. Ride at the time of your convenience. Feel free to ride each stage when the time is right for you, but we ask that you upload the weekends GPS file by the end of the following Monday. Otherwise we can’t guarantee that your time will be tallied.
  6. Don’t draft behind road vehicles. No “Transportation Doping.” It is not safe!
  7. Use a road bike without aero bars or disc wheels. No "Aero Doping" You probably wouldn't want to anyway for the road conditions we are expecting.
  8. Timing: We’re tallying ride times based on what terms “moving time;” see the FAQ below for an explanation. A points system for each weekend's stage results will be employed. 
  9. Trainer rides will not count towards distance/climbing stages.

Point System

  • For the Stage Challenges, the winner of each stage will be awarded 100 points, with a sliding scale for all other finishers.
  • The winner of the Instagram contest each week will receive 33 points with a sliding scale for the other entries. 
  • The participant who refers the most people to our Ride HQ mailing list will earn 200 points for the Spirit competition with a sliding scale for all others. This is tallied at the end of the Series.
  • Each rider will receive 33 points per weekend stage ridden for the Spirit competition. 
  • If you miss a stage or join the series late you will be awarded points equal to the last place finisher of the weekend(s) you missed. Fight hard and you can make up ground. Or go for stage win prizes instead!


Peter Sagan coasts to victory at the 2016 Ronde van Vlandereen. Photo by Cal G. 

Join us starting this March for an unforgettable competition, use this as a great excuse to get together with your riding friends, and win some really great prizes, too!